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Oct 09 2019


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


99 - 199 kr

Tips for Happy Relationships: Seminar for Couples and Singles


Vester Allé 8, Aarhus, Denmark


99 - 199 kr

True love is something we all search and yearn for, whether we are conscious about it or not. There is nothing more fulfilling, more uplifting, that brings more joy and happiness and grants a feeling of purpose in life – than love. Indeed, who does not want to constantly radiate the delightful energy of love?

Why then are so many people suffering in relationships these days? How many times have we rejoiced with a new-found love just to see it slowly wither away and vanish? Aren’t relationships the best ground for experiencing love and all its wonders? And since in a way or another we want it so much, why is love, once you get it, so hard to maintain?

It is no wonder that many face these issues, considering that we receive no real education about how to love and maintain attraction. Without proper guidance on the matter, our emotional education rests on the models portrayed in Tv, which lack any real depth and authenticity. According to wisdom of tantra, while all relationships are different, they all work within the same universal principles. Tantra gives practical guidance on how to build solid foundations and to maintain a harmonious and prospering relationship. All we need is guidance into the ways of the heart and the soul-fulfilling game of masculine-feminine.

Tantric compass – What to learn in this workshop?

  • The difference between love and lust. This confusion is the source of many disappointments.
  • Learn that we don’t choose when and whom to love, but what we do choose is whether or not to open the door of our heart for love to manifest once it comes knocking. Most cases of lack of love are not because love isn’t there but because the door to it stays closed.
  • Learn how to create the conditions within ourselves and within our relationship for love to continue to flourish and thrive without end. True love can stand the tests of time and just grow stronger and more joyful if given the proper conditions.
  • Exercises which will help you connect in a deep and meaningful way.

Take the opportunity to enrich your relationship with new perspectives and new emotional horizons, to infuse it with a new impulse to grow closer and get deeper. For singles, the content of this workshop can also be very useful for your future relationship, opening up new horizons and perspectives on the ways of the heart and love.

Teachers: Minodora Blomgren & Arthur Lederer


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