10×10 is a special initiative by NATHA born from asking ourselves a simple yet important question:

How can we best serve the world & facilitate spiritual transformation, when society has put a limit on meetings to 10 people?

We decided to come up with the most interesting & useful workshops we can put on in these times…

Covering a wide range of unique topics (many which we haven’t covered before)…

And structured them into a series of smaller, more intimate workshops with the best teachings & experiences we could give on each topic.

Practical details (DECEMBER UPDATE – 10×10 moves online!)

Workshops will be held ONLINE through Zoom every weekend on Saturdays and Sundays 15:00-18:00 unless specified otherwise.

Zoom links will be sent out 1 day before the event begins, until the event starts.

All participants will receive links to view the recordings as soon as they’re available (usually within 1 business day).

Meditation and Optimism

21 November 2020
15.00 – 18.00

With Arthur

How do you shift from being pessimistic to being optimistic, and why should you even strive for that?

True optimism is much more than just “thinking positive”.

“Optimism” comes from the latin root “optimus” – meaning “the best”.

To be optimistic to establish resonance with the best or highest reality, starting at the level of inner states, thoughts & emotions – which through the Law of Resonance directly influence manifestation.

“Prosperity, happiness, and success are first created in the mind and the subconscious. The strong enough thoughts are extraordinarily big, real forces, which enter in the fabric of life and, sooner or later, they form our character”

You will learn:

  • How to use meditation to develop a permanently optimistic inner disposition, and maintain a constant flow of positive thoughts & emotions (even in the toughest times)
  • How the state of optimism accelerates growth & transformation on the spiritual path, by generating beneficial outcomes much faster than ordinary
  • How to identify states of skepticism, doubt, and suspicion (which are subconscious forms of self-sabotage) and replace them with states of optimism, courage, joy and happiness
  • Practical techniques which help us to identify & cut negative thoughts and emotions as soon as they appear – thus helping us to transcend the ego

Best for: those who want to learn the truth about the mechanisms & power of “positive thinking” (beyond the so-called “Law of Attraction”), eliminate negativity, and accelerate success & transformation on the spiritual path

Cacao Ceremony to Awaken the Heart & Soul

22 November 2020
15.00 – 18.00

With Angela

An expertly guided ritual to consciously & rapidly awaken the heart & soul, supported by the beneficial properties & resonances of cacao.

Cacao naturally contains euphoria-inducing ingredients, and can be used consciously for spiritual development.

Cacao contains Theobromine, from the latin root “Theo-broma” which translates as “God-Food”. It potentiates the release of dopamine, the ‘pleasure’ hormone – and phenethylamine, which is known to help relieve stress and depression and is released in the body during emotional euphoria.

Everything feels heightened within the physical and emotional body, including your awareness to your deepest sense of self and to your heart.

The increased sense of connection and uplifting euphoria facilitates access to expanded states of consciousness, as such it can be used for meditation and contemplation.

Best for: Those who are interested in using cacao consciously as a tool to open & dive deeper into the heart, to awaken the soul, to use this elevated state to connect to their soul’s deepest aspirations, gain clarity & resolve issues which are weighing on their hearts

Crystal Healing & Resonance Workshop

28 November 2020
15.00 – 18.00

With Carmen & Adriana

Crystals and gemstones are fascinating not only through their colors and shapes, but also through their healing abilities.

People have used crystals for their centuries for their unique energetic effects, which can cure diseases and help us enter high states of consciousness.

You will learn how to use different crystals and gemstones to balance and direct energy where it is needed in your being.

Best for: those who are interested in learning & experiencing the different properties of crystals, and learning how to use them for both healing & for helping enter higher states of consciousness

The Anatomy of the Soul (NOW ON VIMEO)

With Advaitananda

In this lecture, Advaitananda will speak about:

  • What “awakening the soul” really means
  • Notions about the living Soul: JIVATMA
  • The connections & differences between Anahata Chakra, the Spiritual Heart, and the Soul
  • Practical methods for centering in the Spiritual Heart, awakening the soul, and firmly establishing our consciousness to be centered in the “eye of the storm”
  • Indicators of soul awakening – measuring criteria which help to truly know if your “soul is awakening” or not

Best for: those who want to dive deep into the mysteries of their heart & awaken the soul, guided by Advaitananda – a professional scientist, quantum physicist, and dedicated practitioner of yoga & meditation for over 30 years

Aphrodisiac Workshop

12 December 2020
15.00 – 18.00

With Richard 

This is a practical workshop in which participants will experience for themselves the power of natural & sensory aphrodisiacs through taste, smell, touch, and more.

Participants will experience & learn about:

  • Natural aphrodisiacs (plants, herbs, extracts, and superfoods)
  • Sensory aphrodisiacs – such as music, clothes, and fragrances
  • Why natural aphrodisiacs are actually healthy for you (unlike synthetic aphrodisiacs such as viagra)
  • Aphrodisiac recipes – simple to make, using easy-to-find ingredients, for a potent boost anytime you need it!

Best for: those who want to explore the world of natural & sensory aphrodisiacs, and increase their stamina, vitality, energy levels and libido

The Alchemy of Forgiveness

13 December 2020
11.00 – 14.00

With Emanuel & Adriana

This is a very special workshop which includes:

Initiation in a highly efficient forgiveness technique to alchemize heavy states & emotions (such as resentment, anger, regret,vengefulness & bitterness)

Ritual of Forgiveness – in which participants will use the technique to rapidly purify & release heavy emotions & inner states

 You will also learn about:

  • How to evoke the universal energy of Forgiveness to accelerate & support the process of inner alchemy
  • Why you do not need to be “prepared” to forgive in order to truly forgive, and why our own ego is the biggest obstacle holding us back from forgiving
  • The process of Spiritual Healing – why what we don’t forgive, comes back again and again until we learn to truly forgive and learn the lesson

Best for: those who are currently dealing with pain, conflict or difficult situations, and want to learn how to overcome these by alchemizing & direct the potential energy to accelerate healing & establish higher states of consciousness 

The Power of Intention

20 December 2020
15.00 – 18.00

With Sahajananda

The power of the intention is a decisive factor in the result of every action. But it is often overlooked.

We tend to engage in projects, relationships and other actions with a vague and unclear intention which leads to undesirable results.

We are often filled with inner contradictions which make the power of our intention very weak and scattered.

Intention has very clear mechanisms which, once mastered, can amplify the efficiency of all our actions & efforts.

In this workshop, Sahajananda will explore the power of intention from both a scientific and spiritual perspective, including:

  • The mechanisms & components of intention
  • Scientific studies & historical evidence of the power of intention upon reality
  • The importance of clarifying & charging intentions for greater power & precision
  • An “anchoring” technique which allows us to charge our most important actions with great power & intent
  • A special meditative method which allows us to consciously direct all the energies of our being and “set the universe in motion” towards successs

Best for: those who want to learn how to use the mechanisms & power of intention to maximize efficiency in all beneficial projects & actions

Tuning into the Field of Synchronicities

9 January 2021
15.00 – 18.00

With Amrita

Synchronicities – sometimes referred to as “meaningful coincidences” are manifestations of the “guiding power of the Universe” – which reveals certain insights, directions, or information helping us to successfully fulfill our highest purpose & destiny.

In the workshop each of us will tune into the synchronicities in our own life to understand the true meaning & direction given by these signs. 

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The mechanisms of synchronicities
  • How & when synchronicities appear in our lives
  • How to develop greater awareness of synchronicities
  • How to use synchronicities as guidance,  giving clarity, direction & helping us to connect to the higher purpose in every life situation

Best for: those who want to sharpen their ability to recognize & follow the guidance of signs & synchronicities which have started to appear in their lives

The Bio-Energetics of Romance

10 January 2021
15.00 – 18.00

With Petri & Carmen

This workshop will explore the mechanisms of romance & attraction between masculine & feminine, based on the Tantric principles of energy & polarity.

Participants will learn a series of partner stretches & exercises designed to bring awareness to the energetic dynamics between masculine & feminine.

This workshop will also explore aspects of the Tantric view on relationships including:

  • Tantric Eroticism – the difference between Eros (which leaves us feeling elevated, happy and totally fulfilled) and instinctual sex (which leaves us feeling empty & always wanting more)
  • Masculine & Feminine Polarity from the perspective of universal principles, and how to increase polarization & attraction between the two
  • Meridians – energetic channels through which “life force” (prana, qi or chi) flows through the human being
  • Practical exercises & techniques which allow you to control & harmonize energies within yourself and your partner

To get the most out of this workshop, please plan to have a partner with you – your partner can attend for free as long as they are with you (the ticket holder).

Best for: those who want to learn how to amplify romance & attraction in couple relationships, and learn techniques which help to develop greater awareness on masculine/feminine dynamics

Important note about 5-pack bundles:

If you want to purchase a 5-pack bundle, please purchase ONLY the 5-pack (do not select the workshops you want yet!).

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If you do not receive the codes from us within 1 business day, please contact us at natha@natha.dk