7 Keys for Success on the Spiritual Path

A 4-Part Online Seminar for Dedicated Spiritual Practitioners

10-13 April


Learn how to accelerate transformation on the spiritual path


Each step on the spiritual path is a lesson: going faster means a higher density of spiritual lessons and tests, to learn faster by encountering more challenges from within.

This 12-hour seminar was originally kept by Advaitananda as a special event before the 2018 Yoga Congress in Berlin.

It is meant for dedicated spiritual practitioners enrolled in the Yoga or Tantra courses offered by schools of the Atman Federation – initiate language is used, and exceptional knowledge and exemplifications are offered for those who are ready.

Because of its enormous spiritual value offered in this seminar, Natha and the Atman Council have decided to make this seminar available to all students of our school during this 4-day Easter Holiday event.

What you’ll learn in this seminar:

Accelerating Transformation:

  • What it means to give all of your heart & soul to the path
  • Sacrifice in the process of transformation
  • Principle of Efficient Transformation: “The degree of TRANSFORMATION within a process directly depends on the quantity of energy (SHAKTI) that is available within the process”
  • Proportionally amplifying occult resonance with consciousness, SHIVA
  • Principle of Superior Control: “Always the superior level of consciousness controls the inferior level of consciousness”.

Using Consciousness to Control the Energy of Time:

  • The spiritual perspective on Time – the energetic nature of time, and Consciousness as the essence of time energy
  • Unconsciousness – the source of the irreversibility of time & events
  • The spiritual heart – the position of balance within our being, where we can transcend the effects of time
  • THE SECRET KEY OF “FESTINA LENTE”: the spiral motion – the solution for a gradual expansion with high speed of action
  • TWO special exemplifcations (mudras) – stopping time in the spiritual heart, and expansion of time through attention

Developing an Autonomous Willpower:

  • Learning how to deal with desires: an esoteric key to unlock the willpower
  • Observing and contemplating desires to reveal fundamental needs
  • Associative constructions: motivations and desires which corrupt willpower
  • What it takes to systematically grow and develop willpower
  • Initiation in a practical method to find the fundamental needs signaled by a desire

Achieving a State of Urdhvareta:

  • The Tantric view on creation – Universal power manifested in two ways
  • Eros – the generator of aspirations and inspirations
  • Shifting the attention from Sexual Energy to Pure Eros
  • Sexual blockages – the result of gaps between “normal life” and the erotic life
  • Pure erotic experience (which generates elevated desires and aspirations) vs sexuality (which awakens blinding inferior desires)

Energy of the Beginning:

  • Why the Spiritual Guide is synonymous with Transformation
  • Controversial advice: why it’s important to focus on RESULTS and NOT just the efforts!
  • Why transformation stops when the “spiritual ego” develops
  • Continuous Transformation – the key to ensuring fresh aspiration, and keeping away the spiritual saturation
  • On taking small tapas & steps – better to have a chain of small successes than a great failure

Superior Integration in the Heart:

  • The intuitive (superior) intellect BUDDHI, and its relation to the spiritual heart (the “supramental brain”)
  • Why focus and discipline of the mind is only half of the process – and why we need to open and free the HEART in order to complete the initiation
  • The “tension” generating the force determining the flow of attention – building tension created by aspiration vs constructed external force
  • Training the mind to become a mirror of the HEART
  • Increasing efficiency by manifesting a stable focus & strong attention

The “Gate to Heaven”:

  • Giving happiness and helping others (who deserve) to achieve spiritual results
  • The difference between offering happiness vs offering OUR happiness
  • Cutting the ego through sacrifice and helping others
  • What it means to love God vs think God
  • Learning active love, transfiguration, and unshakeable optimism

Practical Details


In order to participate in this seminar, you must be enrolled in a Yoga, Tantra, or other course offered by an Atman Federation school.

To register for the seminar, you must provide information on your school, course, year enrolled, and teacher for verification purposes.


The seminar will be streamed through Zoom. You will receive a link upon payment and confirmation. Please be sure to install and test the Zoom platform before the seminar.

Alternate viewing time:

If you are unable to attend the live stream due to a time conflict, please check the “alternate viewing times” checkbox when signing up.

We will send out a link every day for the next part of the series, each link will be valid for 36 hours after the scheduled start.

Live Q&A with Advaitananda:

Advaitananda will join the seminar LIVE on Sunday and Monday to answer questions from participants.

Questions may be asked at any point during the seminar – our team will collect the questions and present them to Advaitananda during the live Q&A sessions.

Livestream Schedule:

Friday: 18:00-20:30 CET

Saturday: 13:00-15:30 CET

Sunday: 18:00-21:30 CET (incl. 45min Q&A)

Monday: 18:00-21:30 CET(incl. 45min Q&A)

About Advaitananda

Advaitananda is co-author of the Tantra Intensive Course taught in Natha, with more than 400 lessons it’s the most comprehensive course on tantra existing in the world today.

Advaitananda is a scientist with a speciality in nuclear physics, he has 30 years experience in bridging modern science with esoteric technology and has been practicing tantra and the art of conscious eroticism for almost 3 decades together with his beloved Adina Stoian.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the workshop?

The event will be live streamed through Zoom – you’ll receive a link to the stream in your email before the event. Please install and test the Zoom software before the event to ensure a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience.




Will recordings be made available?

We currently do not plan on making recordings available for this event.

We will, however,  offer alternative viewing options for those who can’t make the scheduled Livestream times above. Please contact us at natha@natha.dk for details.


What if I can't attend live?

We have alternative viewing options for those who can’t make the scheduled livestream times – contact us at natha@natha.dk for more details.

Will we be able to ask questions during the live event?

Yes, the seminar includes 45min Q&A sessions with Advaitananda on Sunday and Monday. You can ask your questions anytime throughout the seminar – we will collect your questions, and Advaitananda will answer as many questions as time allows.