Stress Mastery

Learn How To Build An “Anti-Stress” Immunity System

What does it take to transform stressful situations into successful situations?


Most of the time we think that stress appears as a result of “difficult life circumstances” or having “too much to deal with”.

The truth is that stress is the result of our own inner resistance to action.

We feel “stressed” when we try to “push harder” and take action against the inner resistance (tensions, blockages, and inhibitions) we unconsciously hold inside.

It’s like driving with the brakes on – we consume a great deal of effort for nothing.

Therefore the key to eliminating stress is a process of awakening which allows us to first remove the inner resistance we hold inside…

And to learn how to act in an efficient & relaxed way, without unconsciously generating more stress.

“It’s not stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it.

Most of your stress comes from the way you respond, not the way life is.

Stressors may happen, but your reaction to them will determine the outcome”

Hans Selye

What you’ll learn in this course:

In this course we will explore the subconscious & psychological mechanisms behind the phenomenon we call “stress” – including WHY and HOW most people unconsciously generate stress in their daily lives.

We’ll also explore what it takes to identify & eliminate inner resistance (tensions & blockages) that causes stress.

The course also involves special initiations in a set of stress-eliminating techniques, which build upon each other week-by-week.

By the end of the course, all participants will be equipped with a complete “anti-stress” immunity system which they can use to identify & eliminate stress factors BEFORE they turn into “stress disasters”.

The goal is for all participants to learn how to access a state of “effortless effort” – a state in which one is relaxed, confident, and efficient in action, no matter how intense the outer circumstances may be.







Course 1: The Invisible Enemy

  • Getting to know our “invisible enemy”: a brief history of the “modern” disease we call “stress”
  • Learning the profound mechanisms of stress: how stress is generated by unconsciousness in our actions
  • How to evaluate your real “stress level”: practical ways to stress-check BEFORE a stress-wreck

Course 2: Building Stress Immunity

  • Why stress is revealing a “life lesson we refuse to learn”, and how to stop suffering by finally learning the lesson for good
  • How to access the inner “control panel” which allows us to deal with all life situations with efficiency & relaxation
  • What is “stress immunity” and how to build it

Course 3: The Laws of Balance

  • Why BALANCE is the secret key to an effortless & stress-free life
  • Methods to regain and maintain effortless balance in any life situation
  • Learning the new perspective revealed in the daily life by the center of balance

Course 4: Awakening Consciousness & Emotional Intelligence

  • The structure of human consciousness
  • The initiate view that reveals the way to relate to life experiences with high efficiency without generating stress
  • Why emotional intelligence is the key to a stress-free environment
  • Techniques for efficiently processing negative emotions

Course 5: Completing the “Anti-Stress” Immunity System

  • Breath and its mechanisms: efficient ways to adapt and integrate within the life situations we face
  • Using natural remedies to eliminate stress-factors from our systems
  • The presentation of the full program for building a stress-free life












“A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well”

Practical Details


The courses will be streamed through Zoom. You will receive a link upon payment and confirmation. Please be sure to install and test the Zoom platform before the first course.



Recordings will be distributed as soon as they’re available.

Our tech team will get them out as soon as they can, but it may take up to several days depending on how much post-production is needed. So we highly recommend you attend live if possible.

Live Q&A with Advaitananda:

Questions may be asked at any point during the courses – our team will collect the questions and present them to Advaitananda during the live Q&A sessions at the end of each course.

Livestream Schedule:

Stress Consciousness (Watch the free Webinar here) – Tuesday 2 June – 18:30-20:00

Course 1 – Tuesday 9 June – 18:30-20:30 CET

Course 2 – Tuesday 16 June – 18:30-20:30 CET

Course 3 – Tuesday 23 June – 18:30-20:30 CET

Course 4 – Tuesday 30 June – 18:30-20:30 CET

Course 5 – Tuesday 7 July – 18:30-20:30 CET


About Advaitananda

Advaitananda is a scientist with a speciality in nuclear physics and he is best known on his pioneering views on bridging modern science with esoteric technology. His philosophy in life is to live fully and consciously, using the principle of continuous and conscious transformation as the engine of evolution.

Advaitananda has 30 years experience in meditation and he is the author of the 3 year long Meditation Course in Natha, detailing the mechanisms of the mind and the ways to achieve inner silence and to awaken the consciousness. He is also co-author of Esoteric Tantra Yoga Course, with more than 400 lessons it’s the most comprehensive course on tantra existing in the world today.

Advaitananda is coordinator of the Atman International Teacher Training Programs in Yoga, Tantra and Meditation which has seen hundreds of teachers graduate and start courses to share spiritual knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the workshop?

The event will be live streamed through Zoom – you’ll receive a link to the stream in your email before the event. Please install and test the Zoom software before the event to ensure a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience.




Will recordings be made available?

Yes, recordings will be distributed for all participants as soon as they’re ready.

It may take up to several days for our tech team to prepare the recordings, so we highly recommend all participants to attend live if possible.

What if I can't attend live?

If you can’t attend live, you can watch the recordings afterwards.

If you have questions you’d like to ask but can’t make the live session, you can email us at Our team will keep track of your questions and present them to Advaitananda as time allows.

Will we be able to ask questions during the live event?

Yes, each course includes Q&A sessions with Advaitananda. You can ask your questions anytime throughout the seminar – we will collect your questions, and Advaitananda will answer as many questions as time allows.