Amorous Erotic Continence II

11-12 December

Advanced notions for aspirants on the path of continence

This is the second seminar in the Amorous Erotic Continence (AEC) series.

In order to participate in this seminar, you must have attended or watched the recordings of Part 1 of the series.

This seminar will cover some of the most requested topics from the last seminar, including:

  • Secrets of the Amorous Attitude: how to identify your level in “amorous attitude” based on your attitudes in daily life
  • Removing inertia in intimacy and becoming erotically active
  • Keys to erotic awakening: clarifying the difference between sexual and profound erotic attitude in daily life, and how to grow in sublime passion
  • Esoteric notions about Power Polarity Yoga: using its healing power for purifying the relationship & dealing with blockages
  • Traps on the path of learning AEC and how to successfully avoid them
  • Preparations for lovemaking: the role of spontaneity, and the attitude of savouring vs devouring
  • Increasing ecstasy and creating the state of “delicious” intimacy
  • The Art of Foreplay: the complete act & steps to mastery

Sessions for Men & Women

For Women:

  • Perfecting AEC and dealing with the specific challenges for women (menstruation, PMS, attachments)
  • When meeting a beginner man: How to guide the man on the path to AEC

For Men:

  • Stages of training AEC until multiple orgasmic capacity
  • Methods to control the procreative energy during lovemaking – how to deal with the energies when the impulses are too strong


Saturday 11 December


10:00-12:00 Lecture + Q&A with Advaitananda and Adina

12:00-14:30 Break

14:30-16:30 Lecture + Q&A with Advaitananda and Adina

16:30-18:30 Break

18:30-19:30 Lecture with Advaitananda and Adina

19:30-21:00 Break

21:00-23:00 An inspiring movie about learning Amorous Continence on the Tantric path

Sunday 12 December


10:00-13:00 Sessions for Men & Women (Men with Advaitananda / Women with Adina)

13:00-15:00 Break

15:00-17:00 Lecture and meditation with Advaitananda and Adina

17:00-18:00 Q&A with Advaitananda & Adina

Participation & Recording Requirements

These requirements must be met in order to participate in this seminar & receive recordings.

Participation Requirements

The entire seminar will be held online through Zoom. You will receive the link upon registration & payment for the event.

In order to participate in this seminar, you must have attended or watched the recordings of Part 1 of the series.

The content of this seminar requires foundational knowledge from the first seminar.

If you have not watched Part 1, you may register only if you agree to purchase and watch the recordings of Part 1 before this seminar begins.

You can purchase the recordings for Part 1 here for 75 euro.

We will check all the registrations for this seminar to ensure everyone has completed this requirement.

If you do not complete this requirement, you will be denied access to the seminar and will receive NO refund.

Recording Access Requirements

Recordings will be posted on the NATHA Online platform shortly after the event.

You will be able to watch the recordings for 2 weeks after they are posted.

In order to receive the recordings, you must have a NATHA Online account using the same email that you used for this seminar.

If you don’t already have a NATHA Online account, you will receive instructions on how to register via email.

If you register as a couple, you must provide the name & email of your partner when you register so they can receive recordings.

About the Teachers


Advaitananda is a scientist with a speciality in nuclear physics and he is best known for his pioneering views on bridging modern science with esoteric technology. His philosophy in life is to live fully and consciously, using the principle of continuous and conscious transformation as the engine of evolution.

Advaitananda is also coordinator of the Atman International Teacher Training Programs in Yoga, Tantra and Meditation which has seen hundreds of teachers graduate and start courses to share spiritual knowledge.

Adina Stoian

Adina is a tantra and yoga teacher with vast experience in working with spiritual knowledge through courses, seminars and workshops all over the world.

Together with her beloved husband, Advaitananda, and under the guidance of her spiritual guide Grieg (who is famous for his modern approach to the ancient yoga and tantra teachings), she has devoted her life to promote the tantric wisdom.

Adina is a passionate practitioner of spirituality with 30 years of devotion to transformation and women’s growth.

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