Registration: ONLINE Christmas & New Year’s Program

Registration: ONLINE Christmas & New Year’s Programs


Sign up by 21 Dec 2023 to have access in time!

Registration Fee

Registration for this event is FREE for students of NATHA – EXCEPT for those who registered for either the Christmas or New Year’s Eve program in 2022, but did not attend a minimum of 5 hours (cumulative, in the hall and online), as per the announcement at the time.

Those who are in this situation and wish to participate this year or in future years in these events will be able to participate if they pay the amount of 30 Euro at the registration for the type of event in which they did not achieve the minimum number of hours required last year (so in case a student didn’t have required hours for BOTH Christmas and New Years program last year, the fee would be 60 Euro this year). Thereafter they will be able to participate free of charge.

People in this situation are notified by the Atman Federation by email.

This participation rule remains valid and will be applied this year (2023) and in future years.

If you are in this situation and need to pay 30 euros per event, it can be paid only by CASH in EUROS at the reception in Copenhagen.


The GDPR form can be printed, signed, and uploaded to the form below OR filled out physically in the reception at NATHA Copenhagen.

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