Learn the Art of Conscious Touch

Conscious touch is an amazing opportunity to step out of your ordinary everyday life and into a magical relaxing space, connecting with each other through CONSCIOUS SENSUAL TOUCH.

Touch is directly related to our heart and the feeling of connection, and many problems that we could spend hours talking about and arguing over disappear like clouds from the sky, when the emotional need for connection is fulfilled. When through conscious touch we feel seen, understood and nourished.





The Conscious Touch Online Workshop

A 1.5 hour workshop on the art of conscious touch.

The sense of touch is a form of NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION that can bypass the mind and directly communicate what our heart wants to hear, “I see you”, “I’m here for you”, “You’re wonderful”, “I care how you feel and I want you to feel amazing”, “I love you” 

In a relationship, learning how to give each other conscious touch is a wonderful way to DEEPEN INTIMACY when it’s needed most. Sometimes we fall into negative patterns or get used to each other, tensions and misunderstandings accumulate and when we don’t feel the spark anymore, it can seem uphill to work on intimacy inside and outside of the bedroom.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Be fully present while giving and receiving conscious touch
  • Communicate non verbally from heart to heart through touch
  • Deepen intimacy through conscious sensual touch
  • Consciously dissolve inner tensions and accumulated emotional blockages, and performance anxiety
  • Relax into pleasure and discover a deeper level of ecstasy
  • Create a space full of freedom and learning how to access a deeper level of pleasure, into what we might call ecstatic happiness

About Ulrik Adinatha & Ananda

Ulrik Adinatha and Ananda have been living and loving as a tantric couple for more than 10 years. Ulrik Adinatha is the leader of the Tantra Temple in Denmark, where they both teach tantric massage. They also organize workshops, retreats and tantric holidays, guiding people to awaken love and intimacy, all in a sphere of great knowledge, understanding of the masculine and feminine psyche, love and humor.

Conscious Touch Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the workshop?

The event will be live streamed on YouTube Live – you’ll receive a link to the stream in your email before the event.

Will recordings be made available?

Yes, the event will be recorded. We will release recordings to all participants

Please note that it will take some time for us to edit and release the recordings – you will most likely have them within a week.

What if I can't attend live?

While it’s best if you do attend live, you’ll still receive the recordings which you can watch any time.

Will we be able to ask questions during the live event?

Yes, the workshop will have a 15min Q&A session at the end. You can ask your questions anytime throughout the workshop, and the teacher will answer as many questions at the end as time allows.