Covid-19 updates


UPDATED 25th of October:

On Friday 23/10 the government has enforced more COVID-19 restrictions. Because of that reason, starting Monday, the 26th of October, we will also implement these new regulations in NATHA, with the desire in our hearts to continue being an active community and to be a support for all our students in these times.

Please read here the new regulations that will be implemented in NATHA classes starting Monday 26th of October: 

There will have a maximum of 9 students physically participate in each class. 

We still highly recommend our students to attend in-person, but we have also developed a booking system where you are kindly asked to sign-up for each class in advance. Physical attendance will be reserved for the first 9 students who make reservations. Online attendance will be available for all students.

Starting Thursday, 29th of October, it will become obligatory to wear a face shield or face mask in our public indoor spaces.

In NATHA, the face shield/face mask will be needed for when you are in the reception area, hallways, bathrooms, lounge areas, and in the yoga hall BUT ONLY UNTIL YOU ARRIVE ON YOUR YOGA MATS.

During yoga practice and theory, you don’t need to wear a face mask, only if you want to. 

We’ve all learned from the last few months: online classes & meetings are no substitute for real human connection, experiences, and interactions. But due to the exceptional circumstances, and for the health, safety, and convenience of all participants, the nature of the classes will be different for this time period.


If you choose to attend class at our yoga centers, please be aware of the safety measures we have in place:

1. We are making every effort to ensure the overall hygiene in Natha, our cleaning procedures are already very comprehensive, but we will regularly replace (paper) towels, replenish soap dispensers and disinfect the equipment

2. We are sanitizing our rubber yoga mats and cotton yoga mat covers. You are always welcome to bring your own yoga mat, mat towel and blanket from home 

3. We ensure the recommended spacing between yoga mats

4. We will provide extra sanitary measures, hand sanitizer and sanitizing spray in yoga halls and bathrooms

5. We have a clear policy for students and teachers that actively encourages anyone feeling unwell or who has been traveling in high risk areas to stay home

6. We encourage you to take the necessary precautions to stay healthy: Eat well, sleep well, practice yoga and take herbal remedies, vitamin c etc that boost your immune system. It’s important to maintain a state of inner balance! If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with our team and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


If you are feeling even the slightest bit unhealthy or uncomfortable, please do not join the class physically. We instead encourage you to join online through Zoom.

The teachers will monitor the health & safety of the students. Students who display symptoms of illness will be asked to go home.