Covid-19 updates

Updated 17th of May:

COVID-19 Policy Update


This page details our current policies and stance on vaccinations, testing, and exemptions related to COVID-19.


On vaccinations:

NATHA currently does not endorse the use of unsafe and untested vaccinations. The safety and efficacy of new vaccines takes 5-20 years to verify. There have been multiple reports that the currently circulating vaccines against COVID-19 might be dangerous, due to certain known and unknown side effects which have not yet been extensively studied.


Until their safety has been definitively proven – with conclusive & statistically significant evidence that there are NO potential negative side effects of these vaccines in human beings – we strongly advise against them.


We instead advise our students to exercise common sense & adopt the consistent use of natural prophylactic (preventative) methods to boost the immunity system.


If you would like more information on prophylactics or methods for boosting natural immunity, we encourage you to ask your teachers or send an email to us at


Exemption policy:

You may declare an exemption to wearing a mask/visor, showing test results, and any random testing that may be required by law.


If you declare an exemption to testing, you will also be exempt from showing a negative test upon arrival (in cases where this is necessary).


All exemptions must be declared upon arrival at our facilities during the check-in process with our receptionists.


Please review this site for the latest legal updates and conditions for exemptions:


This exemption policy applies to physical participation in any classes or events held at one of our yoga centers or partner locations (such as our upcoming Summer Soul & Mahavidya Bagalamukhi Retreats).


No masks, test results, or exemptions are necessary for online participation in any of our online classes or events.