Eliminating Stress: 3 Efficient Methods

In this article we present 3 highly efficient techniques for eliminating stress, entering a state of deep relaxation & maximizing the processes of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual regeneration.

First: how is stress built? And what to do when it happens?
Stress is often the result of certain unconscious attitudes or reactions we have in daily life situations that create “inner tensions”. Once a certain amount of “inner tension” is accumulated, we experience what we call “stress” – often experienced as feeling drained, exhausted, and flat.

The key to eliminating stress is to first identify the causes of stress before they appear. To do this, we can start by analyzing our attitudes, thoughts and emotions on a daily basis.

Whenever we feel stressed, we can aim to “trace” it back to the moment the stress began – and identify the inner attitudes or reactions which triggered the stress-response (tensions) to appear in our being.

In this way, we can then aim to eliminate the root causes of stress (the “stressful” inner attitudes & reactions) – thus reducing the accumulation of stress in daily life and difficult situations.

To deal with the stress that has already appeared – we can apply certain methods to bring awareness to the inner tensions that exist – at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels – and then to consciously relax & release them.

The methods below are what we use in our Asgaard Yoga Retreats to help participants release stress as efficiently & powerfully as possible. They are our methods of choice because they are simple, relatively easy to learn without any prior experience, yet highly efficient in eliminating stress.

Method 1 – Consciously Controlled Breathing

The power of the breath & its connection to the body and emotions have been explored by modern scientists and ancient yogis – and findings are consistent. There exists an intimate correlation between the breath, the body and the emotions, and by mastering one ‘corner’ of this triangle, the other two can also be controlled.

Even since ancient times, yogis have considered the breath to be the most accessible, and use various highly efficient methods of controlling the breath (Pranayama) to transform energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Similar breathing techniques are now being used all over the world in prisons, psychiatric institutions and simply in the homes of many people to live happier & healthier. And many present-day visionaries such as Dr. Joe Dispenza acknowledge the coherence between the heart and the brain as the key to unlocking our latent potentials, including maximal regeneration and vitality.

In our Asgaard Yoga Retreats we particularly use the Heart-Coherence breath – a method developed by the Heart Math Institute through 30 years of scientific research, which involves synchronizing the breathing to the beats of the heart.

It utilizes the breath to connect the heart and mind, to induce a state of “coherence” between the two – resulting in a deep state of happiness, fulfillment, peace, creativity and joy. This state of coherence also helps our organism to bring itself into balance, and creates a favorable state for regeneration to naturally occur.

It is a very simple yet effective technique that involves centering into the heart and the present moment, and its mechanisms & applications (including various ways of combining it with meditation to rapidly eliminate stress) are explored in our yoga retreats.

Method 2 – Active Relaxation

One of the most profound teachings of Yoga & Tantra is the realization of Active Relaxation.

In today’s modern world, it is common to believe that “relaxation” means to enter a “passive” state. For example, many tend towards scrolling through social media, watching shows & movies, or partying as ways to relax & de-stress after a long day of work.

Unfortunately, in these cases the feeling of relaxation & de-stressing is short-lived. Rather than consciously fixing the real causes of our stress, we only temporarily distract ourselves from what stresses us, by orienting our attention towards the phone, screen, or social environment.

So for a short while, we “forget” (become unconscious of) our stress and all its triggers and symptoms.

But as soon as we stop distracting ourselves, we again become aware of the stress and its associated thoughts and emotions. And sometimes, we find ourselves even more stressed than before – because while we are distracted & unconscious, the subconscious processes of stress continue to unfold – mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

This is why sometimes, after an evening of scrolling through the phone, watching movies or partying – we wake up the next day finding ourselves feeling even more stressed than before!

Yoga & Tantra reveal that the most efficient & only real way to relax is with a conscious, active inner attitude. This means to be able to relax in full awareness – a process that first involves bringing our attention to the stress and tensions that exist in the present moment, and then consciously choosing to relax & let go of the tensions.

One of the most efficient methods for this (and the one we use in the retreat) is Yoga Nidra – also known as “conscious yogic sleep” – which allows us to plunge into a deep state of relaxation doubled with a state of wakefulness. It is a deeply conscious relaxation that helps us dive into the heart and core of our being – beyond the noise of the mind and the daily concerns and worries.

Yoga Nidra is one of the most efficient techniques to eliminate stress, and is even used in therapies to cure cases of severe stress.

Many people experience the state of Yoga Nidra as a return to the maternal womb, the state of being free of worries, weightless and just yourself. It helps to escape the torturing labyrinth of constant thoughts, and the bombardment of sensations and emotions. In yoga nidra, we can find that peace of heaven, that silence deep within, that opens our being towards deeper & higher dimensions.

The deep relaxation in Yoga Nidra allows the body and the mind to fully regenerate itself. When the organism is not ‘kept busy’ by overusing our resources on stressful inner conditions, it naturally finds its own balance and surplus to heal and address those parts of the body and being that need vitality, regeneration and energy.

Learning this technique not only helps us to regenerate while practicing it, but teaches us an attitude (relaxed awareness) which we can bring into all situations in daily life – in work, relationships, and daily responsibilities – in order to act consciously, in a relaxed way, without accumulating stress and inner tensions!

There are instructions & guided Yoga Nidra videos/recordings all over the internet. However, we highly recommend learning directly from an experienced teacher, in order to more successfully overcome the various “traps” one can easily fall into when learning this technique (for example falling asleep in the relaxation).

If you wish to learn with us, Yoga Nidra as is taught in our Yoga course at the end of the first year, and in our Asgaard Yoga Retreats.

Method 3 – Esoteric Integral Yoga

Esoteric Integral Yoga system is taught in our courses here at NATHA. It has been developed with a background in the classical yoga tradition, and at the same time integrates the latest science-based methods, research and advice from modern science.

This system of yoga works at not just the level of the physical body but also the mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels of the being.

Specific techniques including Asanas (bodily postures) and Pranayama (methods of control of the breath) are used to first bring awareness & relax at the level of the physical body. From there, we are able to consciously expand our awareness & relaxation at the energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our being.

Practiced in this way, the techniques of Esoteric Integral Yoga are some of the most effective in rapidly eliminating tensions at all levels of the being, and restoring states of balance, harmony, inner peace and well-being.

Esoteric Integral Yoga is taught in our courses and yoga retreats, where our teachers thoroughly explain the mechanisms and effects of each exercise, and guide students to practice each technique correctly.


These methods are easy to implement but have profound effects, especially when practiced over time. Each of them can be taken individually or practiced together in daily life.

If you wish to learn these techniques from experienced teachers, and apply them in ideal conditions for maximizing relaxation & regeneration – you are welcome to consider joining one of our upcoming yoga retreats.

These retreats are designed as a very efficient “reset” and rebalancing of the body and soul in which we combine yoga & meditation practice, deep yogic relaxation (yoga nidra), Heart-Coherence breath with the soothing influence of nature, healthy vegetarian nourishment, massage & hot tubs.

Each retreat is limited to small groups of 5-10 participants, to ensure high quality of attention and training for each participant.

Our goal is to offer participants the most powerful relaxation & regeneration in 3.5 days, while teaching fundamental principles & methods to live in a more relaxed, efficient and effective way for the rest of our lives!

If you are interested, you can learn more & sign up at https://natha.dk/yoga-retreats

We wish you successful relaxation & regeneration using these methods!