Jan 21 2020


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm



Stress Less, Yoga More – Free Intro to Esoteric Yoga Course


Torvegade 1, 3. , Odense, Denmark



Let us take a moment, take a deep breath and RELAX…. can we do that? Stress is a source of unhappiness and exhaustion for many nowadays. The good news – Stress can become in our control. A wise saying states: “What we are unaware of, controls us, what we are aware of, we control” In our workshop, we will aim to take the first step in putting the light of awareness upon stress. What causes us to get stressed and how can we use yogic wisdom to take it under conscious control and diminish its harmful effects. 

This introduction workshop gives you a good insight into Natha’s YOGA: Esoterisk Yoga Course and the wonderful tools it gives for a stress-free life.

About the course:

What will I learn in the Esoteric Yoga Course?

• More than 40 asanas – their effects and benefits

• Deep knowledge of the Chakra system to get known to the different levels of consciousness and personality aspects

• Meditation and concentration techniques (such as Laya yoga)

• Different techniques (Pranayamas) to regenerate, purify and strengthen your energetic layers

• Fundamental laws and principles including the laws of resonance, correspondence and polarity

• Natural healing and purification of the body, emotions and mind as well as dietary principles

• Mental training exercises for a perfectly focused mind – and so much more…


– The workshop is free for all.

– The course itself is on Wednesdays 19-21.

– Teachers: Zina Zeitoun and Brian Truelsen.

– Location: Torvegade 1, 3. sal.

– Parking: Along Albanigade.

After the workshop you can sign up for the course with 20 % discount for a minimum 3 or 6 months subscription.

The event is finished.