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Apr 25 2021



Explore the Potential of your Consciousness – Online (ENGLISH)

Exploring the Potential of Your Consciousness

With Sahajananda

In two previous workshops, Sahajananda J. Porslund explored The Awakening of the Third Eye and The Power of Intention. This is his third workshop in the series on investigating the magnificent potential of human consciousness.

This particular episode will be focused on the infrastructure of consciousness and how we experience it as human beings through its interweaving with the cosmic fabric of energy, matter, and psyche.

This workshop will explore the connections between: 

  • The perspectives of Spirituality & Modern Science on consciousness – the connections & debates between modern neuroscience, quantum physics, psychology, yoga, and other ancient spiritual traditions
  • The development consciousness in nature, human beings, & society – patterns of consciousness in evolution throughout history
  • Yogic revelations on the structure of consciousness that can be directly realized through meditation & spiritual practice
  • Consciousness & Kundalini – the nature of consciousness through the Tantric system of chakras
  • Consciousness & Mastery – the importance of consciousness training to achieve mastery of habits, thoughts and emotions
  • Exercises for training some fundamental mechanisms of consciousness – including expansion & concentration (focus) – and how they can be used in work, relationships, and daily life

This workshop is especially useful for:

  • Students and researchers – learn how consciousness can be trained for more efficient learning, studying, and research
  • Anyone interested in psychology & self-mastery – deepen your understanding & mastery of consciousness in relation to habits, thoughts and emotions
  • Anyone interested in mental performance – you can learn how the mechanisms of consciousness can be used to unlock the full mental potential of the human being

About Sahajananda J. Porslund

Sahajananda has been researching in the field of esoteric knowledge and the ancient spiritual traditions of the planet since the age of 21. He has combined his informative research work with an in-depth practice of yogic and tantric methodologies and powerful tantric forms of meditation.

As a certified AIFYM teacher he teaches courses and workshops in Tantra, Yoga and Meditation at NATHA Yogacenter in Copenhagen and Stockholm, as well as at various festivals around Europe. He has a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature & Art Studies at Copenhagen University and a minor degree in Indology.