Tantra Festival


Tantra Festival


Nov 09 2019


10:30 am - 9:30 pm


From 350 kr.



Vester Allé 8, Aarhus, Denmark



From 350 kr.

We are delighted to invite you to the next Aarhus Tantrafestival, ‘Kama Sutra – the Sacred Eros’ which will be taking place in FO-Aarhus on

About this Event

Join us for the 21st instalment of the Tantrafestival in Denmark. Join us for a remarkable opportunity to dare to discover new perspectives, to explore new horizons, to grow as a person, to live with joy and intensity.

Tantrafestival is a celebration of Tantra in its many facets. For one day, the best practitioners and teachers in the field of Tantra from Denmark come together to create a dynamic and exciting program of lectures, workshops and presentations on a broad number of Tantra topics. Among all these inspiring activities, the festival also includes artistic performances, stimulating Conscious Talks™, fun games and opportunities to connect with like-hearted people.

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Your heart-full participation will bring:

• a greater understanding of the true meaning of Tantra

• many tools and techniques to work with and use on your own or with a partner

• a higher perspective on life and the universe

• profoundly transforming experiences

• inspiration and aspiration to begin or continue your tantric journey

• and, many new friends

Kama Sutra – The Sacred Eros

More and more people are discovering the connection between erotic energy, ecstatic experiences and self-development that runs on full speed. But it is far from a new, modern discovery… Long time ago, in ancient India, Tantric masters systematically explored and studied the subject in depth – it was after all something very important!

Wise men and women discovered a gigantic secret … that fully awakened erotic energy is a force of cosmic proportions, a force that in the wrong hands could destroy everything and create division and suffering among people, but also a primordial power that emanates from the very power of creation, which can destroy the darkness of ignorance and open doors that would otherwise remain forever closed.

The wise men and women often hid their most valuable secrets from the daylight. Hidden in texts and stories that were passed down from generation to generation, encoded in simple words and archetypal narratives. Overlooked and forgotten by all those who have lost their sense of depth and mystery. KAMA SUTRA is the second best-selling book in the world but at the same time a story that is only half told. At this year´s Tantrafestival we bring you the first chapter of Kama Sutra`s untold story: Kama Sutra – the Sacred Eros

Join the global phenomenon

Since its inception 9 years ago in Copenhagen, Tantrafestival has fast become a worldwide success, branching out and spreading in many countries. Currently, Tantrafestival holds annual events in London, Helsinki, Malmo, Lisbon, Prague, Göteborg and more to come… Join the thousands of people attending each year these events of opening mind and heart and expending knowledge and experience.

The program of Tantrafestival can perfectly accommodate both singles and couples. Beginners on the tantric path will find a great opportunity to be introduced into its mysteries. Advanced tantric practitioners will find new perspectives and applications of the tantric practices. The program of Tantrafestival is open to all. In short, if your heart is yearning for living life more fully, for greater openness and intimacy, for greater understanding of yourself and others, for more joy and love; if your mind is open for yet unimagined possibilities which may await just beyond the horizon – then the Tantrafestival is for you.


10.00- 10.30 Doors are opening


10.30- 11.15 Tantrafestival Opening Event

11.15- 12.15 Irresistible Femininity – Kamasutra Secrets for women (ENG) with Minodora Blomgren & Sabina Serban, Natha Yogacenter

12.30- 14.00 Power Polarity Yoga (ENG) with Arthur Lederer & Minodora Blomgren, Natha Yogacenter

14.00- 15.00 Lunch break

15.00- 16.30 Kama Sutra and Sacred Eros (ENG) Lecture with Advaita Stoian

16.45- 17.45 Emotional Intimacy (ENG) with Advaita Stoian

18.00- 19.15 The Art of Tantric Touch (ENG) by Tantra Temple

19.15- 20.00 Dinner break

20.00- 21.30 Tantric Deep Dating Party (ENG) by Tantrafestival


11.15- 12.15 Own Your Power- the Way of Superior Masculinity (DK) with Awakening Vira

12.30- 14.00 The Yoga of Love – ways to open your heart (DK) with Emmeline Vestergaard & Emanuel Langhoff

14.00- 15.00 Lunch break

15.00- 16.30 Tips for Happy Relationship – workshop for couples and singles (ENG) with Minodora Blomgren & Arthur Lederer, Natha Yogacenter

16.45- 17.45 Erotic Communication – Radical honesty in the bedroom (ENG) with Elodia Johanssen & Sofian Kruger

18.00- 19.15 What is a Tantric Orgasm? (DK) with Elodia Johanssen & Emanuel Langhoff

* There might be minor changes in the program

The event is finished.