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In depth Hatha Yoga

90 – 120 min. yogaclasses every week.

90 – 120 min. yoga classes several times a week. Guided training without theory. Yoga positions from the Esoteric Yoga course. Yogic Depth Relaxation. Short meditations. We suggest that you come to class in comfortable clothing that you can stretch in and that you refrain from eating at least 2 hours before class. It is not necessary to bring a yoga mat as you will have one available here. The Hatha Yoga course is open all year round.

Yoga is the study of man, our energy system, and consciousness. It’s not just about stretching exercises, agility, and a little peace of mind, but about how we can constantly learn to evolve in a living universe in continuous change.

A life in balance where we can be dynamic and relaxed at the same time, where we live with open eyes and without fear, where we have the energy and surplus to overcome our challenges, be there for each other and find the meaning of life.

Whether you are struggling with emotions or health, seeking new horizons in your career, your studies, or your deeper self-understanding, the hatha yoga course helps you to strengthen both body, psyche, and energy system.

The basic training starts from scratch. The course runs all year round and new and inexperienced people are always taken into account. You do not need any prior knowledge or special physical shape. Anyone can join. The teaching emphasizes that you as a student possess a sincere desire to learn yoga and use your newfound skills for personal development, increased well-being, and balance in your everyday life.


Everything vibrates

The yogic energy doctrine is traditionally used in Eastern teaching systems and health doctrine, to get in touch with your ‘inner power’ or your Qi / Chi. If “everything is energy”, as Einstein came up with (E = MC2), your thoughts, feelings and the substance of your psyche itself must also be a form of energy with an immeasurable vibration frequency. In your basic training you are introduced to psychic power centers (chakras), meridians (energy paths) and general yogic anatomy. The connections are explained and it can help you to train and gradually master your mind, your body and your energy system to something close to perfection.

The Spiral of Self-Development

Self-development is a bit like a spiral staircase. You encounter the same elements on each level, but in a new form. Balance for example. At the first level, physical balance is a criterion for moving to the next level, where energetic harmony brings you on to mental peace and emotional surplus, which in turn can lead to intellectual and creative inspiration, and lead you on to intuitive experiences and spiritual self-insight. It’s much more complicated than that. Often there is a dynamic exchange between the levels. However, it can be a good guiding illustration to understand what is meant by ‘going deeper’ in his yogic training. To move from the surface of the body into the depths of the psyche and the centers of power.

Spiritual Mountaineering

We experience yoga as a kind of spiritual mountaineering. You’re the climber. Your propulsion on the slopes of the mountain is the gradual advancement in self-awareness and mastery of your inner power. Nothing is random. Everything is energy. A true yogi will always seek to master his body, as well as his mental and emotional energy, in order to use it for the goal he or she has set for himself or herself. In the yoga course you are equipped with the most advanced yoga equipment and you learn technique from experienced ‘mountaineers’, so that over time you can climb the most fascinating mountain peaks. We sometimes call it advanced human technology. The realization of our natural inner potential.

What can I expect from the course each week?

  • In-depth yoga practice and relaxation (90 – 120 min)
  • Thorough instruction in new yoga poses
  • Improved health, physical fitness and inner balance
  • Better contact and empathy with other people
  • Deeper insight and understanding of yourself
  • Deep serenity, inner balance and mental surplus
  • To meet new friends and become part of a vibrant yoga community
  • In time to become a ‘real urban yogi’

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