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Learn how to meditate 

Step by step systematic approach

From silencing the mind to awakening the consciousness

Meditation is not something “you do”.

It’s the state which appears when you’ve silenced your mind and the flow of attention is uninterrupted

“Silence is the deep language of the heart. The soul in its depth is Silence. The peace of the mind is Silence. Atman (The Supreme Self) is Silence. When the conscious orientation of the being starts to be prevalently directed to the Self (Atman), silence becomes naturally euphoric”

Gregorian Bivolaru

“Put your thoughts to sleep, do not let them cast a shadow over the moon of your heart. Let go of thinking. Why are you so afraid of silence? Silence is the root of everything. If you spiral into its void, a hundred voices will thunder messages you long to hear”

Jalaludin Rumi

“The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with the Spirit lies its greatest joy. If, then, you experience mental resistance during meditation, remember that reluctance to meditate comes from the ego; it doesn’t belong to the soul.”

Paramahamsa Yogananda

NEW Meditation course - Fall 2020

Common start up for all courses in 14 - 20 September


Monday 19.45 - 21.45 (Sahajananda - English)

*All classes are open till march 2021.

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In the Esoteric Meditation Course you will:

  • Learn the laws of the mind, including the law of resonance, the principle of superimposition, the principle of limit and the principle of rhythm for attaining continuity of consciousness.
  • Combine theory and practice, including yoga, concentration exercises, trataka, laya yoga meditation and a curriculum that you can follow up to three years.
  • Appreciate systematic training, using techniques with measurable results and a focus on a step by step approach, acknowledging the basic fact that results in meditation requires perseverent training
  • Learn about obstacles in meditation, it’s not enough to start meditating, you also need to understand the pitfalls that make you want to quit, in the beginning stages but also advanced obstacles that block serious long term meditation practicioners.
  • Use meditation as a tool for Self development, it’s the fastest way to become who you want to be and to eliminate all limitations and everything which stops you from being you.  

Meditation is the foundation for all self development and for all spiritual paths.

In the ancient times the uncontrolled mind was called “the monkey mind” because it jumps all over the place and behaves instinctually. It doesn’t sit still and it frequently doesn’t listen to reason, no matter how much you try to will it.

Learning to control the mind was once considered a basic skill, like learning how to tidy up your home so it doesn’t look chaotic. Today many people have chaotic minds, which is the unsuspected cause of the majority of problems in life.

Mental agitation is one of the biggest causes of stress, confusion, indecisiveness, unhappiness, inner turmoil, lack of ability to connect with others and inefficiency in everything we do or try to learn.

Eliminating mental agitation is not the end goal of meditation, it is the starting point.

Don’t stop meditating when you succeed to silence your mind and enjoy the state of inner peace and relaxation that appears. This is like opening a door and enjoying the fact that it’s open, but never entering the new space.

The deeper purpose of meditation is to awaken the consciousness and our capacity for self awareness, to discover  who we are beyond the mindand beyond all limitations.

Unexpected effects of meditation (and some that are wellknown):

  • Increased efficiency in action, more clarity and less wasted time plus no contradictory tendencies that pull you in different directions equals full power ahead.
  • Freedom from mental agitation, no more useless chatter, mental noise and thoughts that repeat themselves 117 times per day.
  • More energy, your brain consumes a lot of energy and thinking makes you tired. As soon as you start being able to turn the mind off when it’s not needed, all of that energy can be put to better use
  • Less stress, stress can be described as having a tense and contracted consciousness, with no space to move, meditation creates relaxation and expansion and your T-Rex sized issues will appear as tiny flies within the space of your consciousness.
  • Freedom from old patterns of thinking and behaving, repeating thought patterns creates repeating behavior. It’s not easy to change behavior when we have an uncontrolled mind. Meditation gives us the ability to take firm decisions and create lasting changes.
  • Emotional intimacy, being trapped in the mind and addicted to thinking prevents you from feeling yourself and being fully present and connected. Meditation brings us closer to ourselves and into a state of pure being, from where we can also connect with the being of another person.
  • Understanding yourself better, increased self awareness brings the light of understanding, which also increses tolerance, forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others.
  • Ability to act despite fear, fear can paralyse or cause panic. Fear causes us to narrow our focus and activates the flight or flight tendency, which is useful in front of a tiger, but not so much in most non life-threatening situations. With a more centered, calm and expanded consciousness, you gain the capacity to rise above your instinctual reactions.
  • Full access to your inner potential, yes we only use 3-10% of our brain capacity, so what’s the purpose of the rest of it? Meditation opens the door for all our latent qualities and mental abilities to manifest.


Væk dit højeste potential

  • Øget mentalt fokus
  • Signifikant reduktion af stress og en mere afslappet holdning til livet
  • Følelsesmæssig stabilitet og en stabil glædesfyldt og optimistisk attitude
  • Øget kreativitet, originalitet og selvtillid
  • Forbedret præstation og effektivitet

Kurset indeholder jordnære forklaringer på sindets mekanismer, og giver lettilgængelige praktiske metoder til, hvordan vi kan drage nytte af disse mekanismer.

Vores sind er et fantastisk redskab, men som alle andre redskaber skal det også vedligeholdes og bruges efter hensigten.

Det er som om at vi har fået udleveret et ekstremt værdifuldt stykke teknologi, men vi glemte lige at få brugervejledningen med.

Vi er ikke klar over hvordan vores eget sind fungerer.

Når vi efterlader sindet til sig selv, så bliver det efter et stykke tid som en computer hvor vi har en masse programmer åbne på sammen tid, hvor vi aldrig rydder op på harddisken og hvor virusser får lov at snige sig ind uden at vi gør noget ved det.

Alting går langsommere og der opstår en masse mærkelige problemer ud af “ingenting” og  vi risikerer at det til sidst bryder helt sammen.

Mental hygiene

You take a shower, you brush your teeth, you tidy up your home on a regular basis. But how often do you clean your mind? 

When the mind is in good shape, it’s crystal clear, silent and focused. You only notice it when you need to use it, it doesn’t have a constant background noise going on, you never need to “fight yourself”, it doesn’t bring up disturbing thoughts that you can’t do anything about. 

That constant noise and unwanted thoughts are like the smell of a house you haven’t cleaned lately. It’s your computer breaking down, because you keep downloading stuff, you never delete any files and you never close any browser tabs.

Your mind is a super computer, but eventually it gets overloaded. Eventually you can’t relax anywhere because there’s stuff everywhere.

When you’ve reached this point, you start to show serious symptoms. Symptoms like feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, confused, unfocused, unhappy, stressed, lacking energy, lacking a sense of purpose, wasting time, lashing out, feeling incapable, emotional distress, mental agitation, depression can often be traced back to this source. You didn’t clean your mind.

It doesn’t happen by itself, the “built in” automatic processing of the subconsciousness while you sleep is not enough, you have to make a conscious effort. 

Hvordan ville du have det med reklameindslag flere gange i minuttet?

I forhold til sindet, så er evnen til at kunne fokusere opmærksomheden nødvendig hvis du gerne vil have en super computer.

De fleste mennesker kan ikke fokusere mere end få sekunder ad gangen, så kommer der en afbrydelse og er du nogenlunde koncentreret så vender du opmærksomheden tilbage igen, før der lidt til efter igen kommer nogle helt urelaterede tanker eller en indskydelse, som du pludselig følger mens du glemmer alt om hvad du egentlig var i gang med.

Hvordan ville du har det, hvis det samme foregik mens du var ved at se en film? At der lige pludselig var nogle sekunder eller minutter, hvor det var en helt anden film der spillede? Konstante reklameindslag flere gange i minuttet?