Bliv en del af Natha’s teatertruppe i sæsonen 2019-2020, hvor nye forestillinger venter. Truppen ledes og undervises af erfaren skuespil og yogi Vajrananda Theofil Nielsen samt gæstelærere.

Natharaja Teateret

Leder du efter et teaterkursus med fokus på det sjælevækkende? Performance, dans, improvisation, stemmeføring, HC Andersen, enneagramtyper, Shakespeare monologer, Indiske skuespil, kropssprog, Sufipoesi, stand up, sketches, maskearbejde og meget meget mere! Bliv en del af Natha’s teatertruppe i sæsonen 2019-2020, hvor nye forestillinger venter. Truppen ledes og undervises af erfaren skuespil og yogi Vajrananda Theofil Nielsen samt gæstelærere.


Join Natharaja Theater in the season 2019-2020

In spring we touched up dancing, improvisation, voice, H.C Andersen fairytales, enneagram types, Shakespearean monologue and dialogues, body language, high and low status games, learning by heart/experiencing the move and energy behind the words, rhythm, masks and the 9 states of the soul that when played becomes rasa (moods in Indian classic art).

We will keep that up so that you newcomers to the group will not feel you have missed out. Please feel welcome!

Now is the time for putting ourselves on stage in play and in performance.We have several options for the fall and one for the wintertime that is being written right now…. We will simultaneously go through a period of meditation on the soul and the Self and then finding it in daily life in what is called ”The yoga of beauty”. This means observing and performing art and poetry (very elevated paintings and poetry). Divine poetry expressing the Self. Thus we become masters of a repertoire….

So we invite you with all our heart to come and be part of this elevated togetherness in art, theater and beauty for the opening of the Soul and in search of the Self.

First meeting will be September in our wonderful creative base in Concordia Venue. It is best to join from the beginning of the new season, but you can also join later.


Vajrananda and Natharaja Troupe


Practical info

Price: 249 kr (149 kr for members of Natha) pr month.

Give Vajrananda a call to hear more: +4526390993

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I am Vajrananda, actor and director, with 25 years of experience as a teacher in Natha. Two year ago I finished an intensive 7 years meditation retreat where I received a great amount of inspiration that I would like to pass on to you. I look forward to see you in this ongoing theater group full of new teachings about art, yoga/tantra, meditation, theater, beauty, the sublime and much more!

Language: Danish & English

The intention of Theatre Nataraja

We are actors and artists from many different countries so we play and create in English. We express the teaching of a spiritual school – as we are all yogis from a university of spirituality, a university that studies the universe and its resonances. This was also the case of the theaters and arts in old Greece. A theatre aligned with a spiritual school, aligned with the spirit, an initiating theatre. (As Shakespeare was also an initiate)

The theatre is somehow the container of all the arts: the architecture of the theatre room, the scenography, choreography of movements and dance, the rhythms, tonality, musicality, timing, the pause. It includes painting and sculpture, literature and poetry, song, psychology, and all the correspondences with expressions via emotions and body language. (And in yoga/tantra we operate with 5 subtle bodies!)

In theatre Nataraja, we have an ongoing study and experimentation of the famous pupil of Stanislavsky: Michael Chekhov and his actors/artist techniques for the writer/actor/director artists. (they have so many correspondences with our esoteric studies of yoga and tantra.)

Also, an ongoing study and execution of the 9 Stabil states of the soul and how they awaken the “universal tasting”: RASA in an audience. (Indian esthetics). A deep work that leads to the mastering of the 9 fundamental emotions, – they are purified and controlled and leads to the esthetic experience.

Family: Not of blood but of consciousness, seeking to open our soul through our art and improvisations and through the Enneagram of personality types: When we speak in the theatre group it comes from love and not from the ego – we speak on behalf of what is the best for the group and not just for the individual. Thus, the individual gets the whole power and force of this dynamic group of actionists!

The Audience: Normal daily consciousness transforms almost unnoticed in favour of the esthetic experience during the art experience. The consciousness is unified with so many other consciousness`s and becomes one whole with a possibility of even going into samadhi! A high state of blissfulness.

We are inspired and from our university education of yoga/tantra and their principles of: Polarity, Transfiguration, Resonance, Expansion and Contraction of consciousness….and this leads to shine, a glow of Life itself far from stagnation and automatism. We use meditation, awareness, focus of the attention, that leads to an effervescent presence on stage and harmonious and healthy life. We are all vegetarians.

Theater Nataraja has had many performances playing. For long time we have been working with an Indian play: “Shakuntala and the Ring of Recollection” by Kalidasa. The only Indian play recognized to belong to the world literature. This play ravished Goethe when he first saw it, by its tremendous beauty and esthetics. For us it has been like buying cloths for children for growing in. Too big clothes, – but now we dare to feel ready “to fit the cloth of Shakuntala.”