Tantra For Women

NB: Dette kursus afholdes på dansk! Oversættelse af siden kommer snart. Tak for din tålmodighed.

This course will be held in Danish language only! The translation of this page is in progress. Thank you for your patience!

Discover the Tantric Art of being a happy, fulfilled and radiant woman! 

Are you living your full potential as a WOMAN?

Many of us would like to have more self-confidence, more love, more beauty, more inner strength, and more enthusiasm. The magnificent truth of womanhood is – we already have these great qualities inside of us, just waiting to be revealed!

Nowadays if you look around, many women give the impression that they are perfectly happy and successful in life, as if nothing is missing. Beyond appearances, we all secretly have a profound aspiration to be genuinely happy and truly fulfilled.

Why Tantra For Women?

In such a busy world, it can be difficult to dedicate ourselves to a spiritual journey. Tantra offers us the know-how to implement spiritual principles in our daily life, so we can grow spiritually without sacrificing all the other important things in life: family, friends or career. 

By applying the principles and techniques presented in this course, we are able to spiritualize, uplift and find a deeper meaning in all small or grandiose actions that we do throughout the day. On a spiritual path, men and women are equal, but there comes times and challenges which are specific to men, and some which are specific to women.

Be part of a strong community of women

It is scientifically proven that women are better when they are together, they heal faster by sharing, they are more happy and relaxed after spending good quality time with other women.

Learning from other women’s experiences is a chance to transform faster. 

All the activities in this course are structured in a way that helps you integrate in this community and gives you the chance to experience the profound sisterhood.

What you can expect from this course:

  • This course is made for guiding you on the tantric path by addressing especially feminine topics.

  • You will receive this knowledge and go through this inner adventure together with experienced tantra teachers who will support and guide you through it.

  • Everything you learn is practical knowledge that you can use to improve your daily life.

  • This will allow you to meet yourself at a deeper level and discover how it feels to live your full potential as a woman.


“Women are divinity, women are life, women are truly jewels. Women are heaven; women are Dharma, and women are the highest penance. Women are Buddha; women are the Sangha, and women are the perfection of Wisdom.”

Yoni Tantra


  • How to fully reveal and express your feminine qualities;
  • Morning rituals and techniques for purifying the body;
  • Natural alternatives to increase beauty;
  • How to relax and why this is important for femininity;
  • Yoga postures specific to women for regeneration and harmonizing emotions; 
  • Tantric perspective on happy and fulfilling relationships; 
  • How to improve your erotic life; 
  • Methods for increasing self-confidence;
  • The gift of self-love and self-healing;
  • Learning how to attract more love and abundance in life; 
  • How to have an unshakeable optimism; 
  • Esoteric Astrology – from a spiritual perspective.


Being part of a group of women is a very special gift. We have the chance to grow and learn from each other’s experiences, with no room for judgements, and develop a wonderful environment of profound transformation and togetherness, actively contributing also with our presence and experience.  


During this course you will be guided by two teachers experienced in the field of Tantra that will share esoteric knowledge that was already validated by thousands of women around the world. You will learn important principles and how to implement these notions. 


This journey offers you the opportunity to overcome challenges and unlock your full potential as a woman, amplifying the amazing qualities you already have and emphasizing your own uniqueness. This is a fitting course for women who wish to live a happy, healthy, balanced, erotic and ecstatic life.

Meet the Teacher

Mille Walentini is a fully certified tantra teacher, psychotherapist, trained body therapist, and life coach for women. She has been a spiritual practitioner for 12 years and taught tantra for the last 8, to women of all backgrounds.

Her spiritual journey began at an early age when she faced health issues that traditional medicine could not solve. This led to the exploration of the wonders of alternative medicine and the power of consciousness through esoteric tantra.

It wasn’t until years later that she realized how her quest had been a spiritual initiation into the mysteries of the universe – an incredible journey of love, purpose, and profound self-discovery. 

Her newfound knowledge and transformational work led Mille to center her career on guiding women to know themselves on a deeper level and heal using their bodies’ intelligence and unique feminine gifts. 

Mille has Danish roots and is based in Copenhagen, where she currently teaches tantra and offers private coaching sessions for women to carry out their lives’ purpose with vibrant joy and confidence.

Year 1 Tantra For Women Schedule

Course Dates 2021

Tuesdays 19.45 - 21.45 with Mille Walentini (Starting 28/9)CopenhagenDAN
Thursdays at 17.30 - 20.00 with Minodora & Iris (Starting 7/10)Aarhus Hjerterum*ENG

*The course in Aarhus will be kept at the Aarhus Hjerterum (Guldsmedgade 26b, st, 8000 Aarhus)

**Please note that the Tantra for Women course is held approximately once every 2 weeks!


All classes are open until March 2022.

28 September7 October
5 October21 October
26 October4 November
9 November18 November
23 November2 December
7 December16 December
21 December

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