Esoteric tantra yoga

The Path of High-Intensity Expansion of Consciousness

What is Tantra?

Tantra is the path of realizing the Truth by learning from all life experiences

It is a path suited for those who wish to live life fully, to experience all that life has to offer, and to turn every life situation into an opportunity for growth.

Tantra suggests that all of life’s experiences should be lived fully, and implies a conscious and courageous exploration of all of life.

Tantra does not aim to deny or disregard any aspect of life – but to learn from everything life brings, so that life itself becomes our greatest teacher.

Tantra teaches the keys to living life consciously and ecstatically:

To stay calm, lucid, and centered in the eye of the storm, even when life is raging all around you.

To say YES to every lesson and every situation, joy, and challenge that life brings.

To embrace it all, and to experience it again and again, fresh and new in every moment. 

To learn from it all, and to continuously transform until we fulfill our highest spiritual potential.

“Nobody can achieve perfection using boring and difficult practices.

Perfection can easily be achieved through complete controlled and aware satisfaction of the desires.”

Kularnava Tantra


What you should know about Tantra

1. Tantra is a genuine spiritual path based on the direct realization of the Divine Principles and Laws.

The tantric practices guide the aspirant towards a complete and harmonious development of their body, mind and personality, and the ultimate spiritual realization – what some spiritual traditions call Self-Realization.

The methods offered by Tantra aim towards a gradual expansion of consciousness through conscious assimilation of lessons in every life experience.

2. Tantra is a path of living detached, yet fully engaged with the world.

Practitioners face states such as happiness, harmony, wellness, intense pleasure and also states of frustration, distress, and annoyance.

In any case, the Tantric aims to center themself in the state of detached witness – fully enjoying every experience yet remaining completely detached.

3. In Tantra, practitioners evolve & gain control over all the forces in life by expanding the control factor: consciousness.

Through the gradual expansion of consciousness, practitioners are able to transform all energetic manifestations and use them as elevating forces that drive spiritual evolution.

This also means to become aware of negative states and replace them with complementary positive states.

Practitioners also become aware of their innate gifts & talents, and are able to cultivate them until they blossom to their highest potential.

4. Tantra gives freedom of choice - allowing practitioners to choose how they walk the path of evolution.

Tantra teaches the mechanisms of evolution, which are based on Universal Laws & Principles. This reveals only consequences of actions, leaving practitioners the freedom to choose their actions.


5. Tantra brings together modern science and spirituality in a system in which all theories are validated through direct experience.

The course does not ask anyone to ‘believe’ the information presented – but to practice the techniques, so that answers to all questions will ultimately be found by direct experience.

Neither blind belief nor mental understanding are enough to create true transformations and realizations. Even if one believes all that is said in a class, it is meaningless without direct experience.

Aspects of reality, and eventually reality as a universal whole, are revealed to the extent of one’s practice. All notions presented in this course are validated through direct experience.

6. Tantra gives practical methods to make LOVE the driving force of profound human transformation.

Practiced within a couple relationship, Tantra is a kind of couple meditation which springs from the merging between the feminine and masculine aspects.

Tantra is not a limited set of techniques, but a lifestyle of love; a prayer; a relaxation into the heart, reaching so deep that you and your lover merge no longer only as bodies – but as the fundamental masculine and feminine forces of the Universe.

It is an invitation to discover the sacred dimension of intimate fusion in which the body, soul, and consciousness vibrate together.

This cannot be attained in a single day – it is a path that requires total commitment. It is the art of experiencing intensely every moment of life, living every moment as if it were our last.

7. Tantra does not deny any aspect of life, but instead finds the spiritual lessons & meaning in everything.

Tantra is an ancient spiritual way of living, a system of personal and spiritual development in which all the energies and desires are transformed and directed towards the highest spiritual goals.

It is not a philosophy, but a way of living. It is not something you know but something you do. It is a way of living that encompasses everything. The way we walk, the way we talk, the way we eat, the way we breathe, the way we sleep, the way we react and the way we love and make love. Everything is connected. And you are connected to everything.

8. Tantra is a path of ever-increasing learning, depth, and intensity

Tantra always reveals much more than it first seems. Once you have experienced depth, it will take you even deeper. Once you have experienced intensity, it will only get even more intense.

Tantra is much more than incense and acrobatic kama sutra positions. It is more than looking deeply into each other’s eyes. It is even more than making love with increased intimacy and heart connection. It is more than some simple stretching exercises, rituals or meditation techniques.

It is more than learning how to access the immense power of the erotic energy and achieve multiple ecstatic orgasms, that will bring about even more profound realizations and allow you to experience directly the nature of consciousness, your essence beyond mind and personality, the core of your own immaculate Heart… The immense dimensions of your true Self.

Who it’s for

1. People interested in the “deeper things” in life

People who are interested in life purpose & answering existential questions such as “Who am I, What was I born for, What do I live for, Where do I come from, What will happen to me after I die?”

2. Serious spiritual seekers

People who wish to accelerate their spiritual growth & development, to learn the techniques & methods revealed by ancient secret lineages, and to reach the highest spiritual accomplishment.

3. Growth-oriented people

People who are interested in learning methods to improve health & well-being, boost creativity & mental efficiency, and to realize the full human potential


Most of our students come because they are looking for genuine knowledge & methods on how to achieve a certain purpose or transformation.

Somewhere along the way, they find out that “yoga” and “meditation” could help them achieve this.

The results speak for themselves, which is why many of our students and teachers have been practicing for 20+ years and continue to transform through the practice!

About the Esoteric Tantra Yoga Course

In the Esoteric Tantra Yoga course, we approach Tantra as a spiritual science that offers a systematic approach to evolution and self-development for those who wish to learn and transform, through direct experience, by living fully and freely in the world.

The first year of the course establishes fundamental concepts such as:


  • The game of polarity (between masculine & feminine aspects) & mechanisms of attraction
  • Subtle force centers (chakras) and energetic pathways of the human body (nadis/meridians) which affect human psychology & behavior
  • Various Tantric tools & techniques – such as asanas, pranayama, and meditation, and visualization – which aim to create specific transformations in the inner states & daily life of the human being

What you’ll learn in this course

Level 1:

September – December


Module 1: Core teachings & basic tantric practices

– Mapping the human energetic system, subtle anatomy and energy work

– Power of polarity, Shiva/Shakti, understanding femininity and masculinity

– The law of attraction based on resonance & other tantric principles

Module 2: Vital life force & the root spine chakra

– Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Muladhara chakra

– Importance of vitality, grounding, stability, latent potential

– Kundalini Shakti

– Predominant level of consciousness, inner attitudes & limitations



Level 1:

January – March


Module 3: Sexuality & the sacral plexus

– Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Svadhistana chakra

– Importance of sexual continence, creativity, imagination, intense pleasure

– Tantric eroticism, multiorgasmic man/woman, transmutation & sublimation


Module 4: Personal performance, will power & conscious self-development

– Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Manipura chakra

– Importance of inner alchemy, sublime fire, self confidence, conscious effort

– Tantric morality, Yama/Niyamas, principle of ego, healthy lifestyle & diet


Module 5: Heart based living, emotional balance & the cardio plexus

– Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Anahata chakra

– Importance of active love, empathy, acceptance, humbleness, generosity

– Living from the heart on the spiritual path, tantric couple relationships


Level 1:

April – June


Module 6: Intuition, memory & higher perceptions

– Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Vishuddha chakra

– Importance of the sense of mystery, intuitive intelligence, art, inspiration

– Esoteric elements about vibrations, subtle sound – mantras, Akasha Tattva


Module 7: Mental power, meditation & the third eye

– Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Ajna chakra

– Importance of lucidity, discernment, clarity, memory, focus, mental hygiene

– Meditation & Laya Yoga, creative visualization, principles of mental control

Curriculum Level 2 (Year 2)


L2 Module 1: Transpersonal Psychology & the Crown Chakra Sahasrara

L2 Module 2: Tantric Alchemy & Inner Transformation

L2 Module 3: Prana & Pranayama, Yoga Nidra – Conscious Sleep

L2 Module 4: Transfiguration & Who is ready for Tantra?

L2 Module 5: Mahavidya Yoga & the Great Cosmic Power Kali

L2 Module 6: Tantric Eroticism & Lovemaking Postures

L2 Module 7: Secrets of the Tantric Couple Relationship

Curriculum Level 3 (Year 3)


L3 Module 1: Kundalini Yoga

L3 Module 2: Power Polarity Yoga

L3 Module 3: The Spiritual Hero in Tantra

L3 Module 4: Esoteric notions about the Chakras

L3 Module 5: Mahavidya Yoga & the Great Cosmic Power Tara

L3 Module 6: Tools of Self Knowledge – Esoteric Astrology

L3 Module 7: Consciousness & Energy – Tantric Magic & Rituals

Advanced Levels:


In the advanced levels of the Tantra Intensive course we will continue the journey of profound inner transformation.

We will have chapters about the secrets of touch and tantric massage and go deeper in understanding esoteric tantric sexuality and sacred eroticism. More secrets of the tantric couple relationship will be revealed together with the specific lessons of men and women and what it means to spiritualize a relationship and create “a happiness factory”.

We will explore the secrets of desire & the fundamental needs that desires are pointing towards. We will explore the mechanisms of the mind and the consciousness, which will ensure a profound self awareness and success in meditation. We will learn essential tantric principles for conscious living and operating with energies: principle of spontaneity, principle of acting without hesitation, principle of perceptive presence in the present moment, principle of accumulating energy, principle of action and reaction, the occult principle of rhythm and repetition.

How it works

Step 1: Class

Each class is 2.5 hours, including both lecture (theory) and practice

Example structure for each class:

  • Opening meditation with music to come into resonance with the theme of the class
  • Practice consisting of asanas, pranayama and meditations and other Tantric techniques which help to create specific effects within the human being – for example, to increase vitality, increase awareness & intensity of pleasure, to increase self-confidence and willpower, empathy & understanding of others, etc
  • Detailed lecture on the topic of each specific class
  • Questions and answers with discussion time for the group
  • Closing meditation

What you can expect from each class:

  • Highly efficient and practical tantric methods and exercises
  • Detailed printed course materials which include descriptions of the techniques you will learn, and the effects of these techniques on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.*
  • Guidance – teachers check and correct your body postures, answer questions and support you in correctly applying the theory & practice to transform your life

*We highly recommend students to study the course materials at home before each new class. Due to the depth of the courses, the course materials often contain more information than is possible to discuss in the class.

Step 2: Personal Practice

We encourage students to choose the techniques & methods that are most useful & valuable for them. After learning the mechanisms and effects of the techniques presented in class, students remain free to choose the ones that he/she prefers and finds best for them. We do not “force” any one way of practice – the course gives students the knowledge, understanding, and training they need to choose the techniques & methods which are most effective for them. Some techniques are best for improving mental concentration, others for deepening relaxation, and others for rapid regeneration & healing. The courses are designed so that practitioners can choose intelligently for themselves which asanas and meditation techniques to practice daily, in order to achieve the specific results or transformations they aim for.

Step 3: Transformation

Some of the benefits & transformations experienced by students include:

  • Increased capacity & usage of mental/creative potential, and an increased ability to access superior intuitions
  • Better awareness & control upon emotions
  • Constantly growing self-awareness – including awareness upon your unique qualities, gifts, talents, and challenges
  • Increased levels of relaxation and regeneration in daily life
  • An enriched love life and a deeper understanding of sexuality
  • Awakening the erotic potential and the secret behind the tantric orgasm
  • Igniting the inner power & passion for life
  • More masculine stamina and stand-up power
  • More feminine charm, beauty and awakening your inner Goddess
  • Honest heartfelt connections and new meaningful friendships
  • Personal guidance from experienced teachers
  • Increased willpower, discipline and self-control in a relaxed way
  • Effective stress management and emotional balance
  • Deeper insight into intimacy and couple relationships
  • Unique initiations in Tantric techniques
  • Inner positive transformations and a deeper feeling of purpose and belonging in your life

Life-changing transformations are accelerated

The increased level of self-awareness students develop through practice leads to increased clarity and realizations about the effects of their actions – for example, how the food they eat and the air they breathe affects their mental & emotional states. One specific example that we hear often: several students report that they “naturally” quit smoking after only a few weeks or months of attending the course, even after struggling for decades to quit. We do not guarantee any of these effects, as they are dependent on many individual factors. But we can confidently say that life-changing transformations come quickly to those who practice with dedication & enthusiasm – we see it all the time!

Other practical information:


In the first year, classes are 2.5 hours consisting of approx. 90 minutes of practice, and approx. 60 minutes of theory.

There are 46-48 classes in a year – 1 per week. Classes pause in August and resume in September each year.

New students must start in Year 1 – skipping years is not allowed, as the later years build upon the foundations set in earlier years.

Those who join both Yoga & Tantra Year 1 receive a 50% discount on the Tantra course. This is because the first 18 months of each course covers similar foundational topics (chakras, asanas, pranayama, etc). After 18 months the course curriculums cover very different topics, so each course must be paid for individually.

Year 1 courses are open for enrollment until the Laya Yoga initiation (usually in April). After this exceptional initiation is given, the course closes to newcomers.

Those who are interested in joining the courses after April will then have to wait until the next Year 1 courses are open in September.

Year 1 Tantra Course Starting week 38

Mondays 17.00 - 19.30 with Richard Løvlund & Angela Østergaard (Starting 20/9)CopenhagenDAN
Thursdays 19.15 - 21.45 with Sahajananda Porslund & Aida Curak (Starting 23/9)CopenhagenENG
Mondays 17.00-19.30 with Ananda & Ulrik (Starting 20/9)ÅrhusENG
Tuesdays 19.45-22.15 with Emmeline & Ulrik (Starting 21/9)ÅrhusDAN

*All classes are open until March 2022.

Ready to give it a try?