Esoteric Integral Yoga

An Intensive Study of Yogic Science & Spirituality for the

Realization of the Human Potential

Yoga is much more than a physical practice

…and its ability to create mental, emotional, psychological and other effects is much more scientific & reliable than most people realize.

Most of the time, people who approach YOGA do not go beyond the appearance, and cannot see more than simple body gymnastics.

In the West, yoga has become a product of mass marketing. Some studios promise that through yoga you can lose weight, tone the body, and somehow by putting the body in funny poses, gain “inner peace & harmony and live a happy healthy life”.

Unfortunately, most modern-day styles of “yoga” have lost the true keys that create genuine life-changing effects.

This yoga course is not “yoga” as most others see it – it’s not about doing fancy poses with nice clothes and yoga mats.

It’s a set of tools that allow us to achieve superior goals and transformation.

The ESOTERIC INTEGRAL YOGA course exists for two main reasons:

1. To provide the most efficient techniques & knowledge from genuine YOGA systems, to accelerate spiritual development and evolution (realization of the human potential)

2. To eliminate the misunderstandings who see Yoga as just simple gymnastics for the body

YOGA means, among other things CONSCIOUS accelerated evolution. Our spiritual evolution can be accelerated through systematic practice, which awakens and sets in motion the latent potentials that exist within the inner universe of the human being.

YOGA can also be defined as ABILITY AND INTELLIGENCE IN ACTION – using your own inner resources intelligently and with maximum efficiency. For example, a trained yogi is able to energize & amplify his mental focus & creative potential, and to direct them in order to achieve superior goals.

The course offers a scientific approach to the study of yoga. In each course, students are presented theory, then are guided to validate the effects & mechanisms for themselves through direct experience in the yoga practice.

The different YOGA techniques presented in this course are very simple and can be practiced by anyone. Yet practiced properly, they create truly life-changing results.

Who this course is for

1. People interested in the “deeper things” in life

People who are interested in life purpose & answering existential questions such as “Who am I, What was I born for, What do I live for, Where do I come from, What will happen to me after I die?”

2. Serious spiritual seekers

People who wish to accelerate their spiritual growth & development, to learn the most efficient techniques & methods revealed by ancient secret lineages, and to reach the highest spiritual accomplishment.

3. Growth-oriented people

People who are interested in learning methods to improve health & well-being, boost creativity & mental efficiency, and to realize their full potential

Most of our students come because they are looking for genuine knowledge & methods on how to achieve a certain purpose or transformation.

Somewhere along the way, they found out that “yoga” and “meditation” could help them achieve this.

The results speak for themselves, which is why many of our students and teachers have been practicing for 20+ years and continue to transform through the practice!

What makes this different?

Designed for long-term spiritual development

Our courses aren’t like the drop-in classes at other yoga studios – you don’t come here to just “follow along” with the teacher.

You learn how each technique works, so you can go home and practice to get results for yourself. Therefore you are not dependent on the teacher or the class to get results.

The courses are also structured with continuity and progressive learning in which each class builds upon the last.

It’s a path of lifelong learning and improvement – what we call “continuous transformation”.

Supported by Modern Science

The techniques and notions are also explored in the perspective of modern science, to the extent technology is capable of measuring and studying today.

Included in the course are research & studies from the fields of biology, anatomy, psychology, physics (mechanics, electro-magnetics, wave theory), neuroscience and even quantum physics.

Does not require belief or faith – everything can be validated by direct experience

You do not need to “believe” in anything – not in Chakras, Nadis, Prana, flows of energy or anything else presented.

Every notion presented in the course is validated through direct experience. The course is designed for you to experience for yourself the phenomena & effects described.

Not connected to any particular religion or dogma (can be practiced by people of all backgrounds)

All the presented YOGA systems in general, and HATHA YOGA in particular, are not necessarily connected to any religion.

Both the believer (regardless of what religion) and the non-believer or atheist, can successfully practice the different YOGA methods and systems, while still adhering to their genuine religious beliefs.

Emphasis on effects beyond the physical

Some students describe the yoga practice in this course as “a more meditative approach to yoga”.

Some say it is “easier to silence the mind and focus on inner experience” and that it’s like “using the body to connect to the mind & emotions”.

Compared to yoga at other studios, the most common differences students notice are the awareness phase after each technique, and the complete yogic relaxation which is used to end every practice session – both of which are described in more detail below.

Intensive Study of Universal Laws & Principles

The course studies intensively the fundamental mechanisms of the universe – for example, the Law of Resonance, Law of Rhythm, and Law of Polarity.

The first Universal Law studied is the Law of Resonance, which lays the foundation through which the effects of all techniques & methods in the course can be understood.

Life-changing transformations are accelerated

The increased level of self-awareness students develop through practice leads to increased clarity and realizations about the effects of their actions – for example, how the food they eat and the air they breathe affects their mental & emotional states.

One specific example that we hear often: several students report that they “naturally” quit smoking after only a few weeks or months of attending the course, even after struggling for decades to quit.

We do not guarantee any of these effects, as they are dependent on many individual factors. But we can confidently say that life-changing transformations come quickly to those who practice with dedication & enthusiasm – we see it all the time!

How it works

Step 1: Class

In the first year, classes are 2 hours consisting of 2 components – theory and practice.

Theory (approx. 30 minutes) is presented on various subjects – in the first year we will learn the law of resonance, the effects of each postures, fundamental laws of the universe.

Practice (approx. 90 minutes) consists of 3 phases:

1. Initial awareness & warming-up exercises

The practice begins with an initial phase of awareness and warming up, which activates the beneficial subtle energies (both psychic and mental) that exist within the being.

These exercises also “warm up” and moderately stretch the muscles, increasing flexibility and gently preparing the body to perform the various postures of ASANAS successfully.

2. The main YOGA techniques.

Practice can include asanas, pranayama, meditation, and other techniques taught in the course.

At the end of each technique we conclude with an Awareness stage of 1-2 minutes, in which we observe the effects of each technique as attentively and profoundly as possible.

This allows us to gradually develop the awareness of deeper and deeper levels of our being – including the so-called “Chakras”, Prana (the vital life force), and other phenomena – which for most people remains undetectable due to an under-developed awareness which cannot perceive such subtle structures.

3. The complete yogic relaxation 

The complete yogic relaxation is used to finalize every practice, involves first an active, conscious relaxation of the entire being, then a  “expansion of consciousness”.

The simultaneous awareness and relaxation crystallizes the effects of the practice within the being, allowing us to take the effects of the practice into daily life.

Step 2: Personal Practice

We encourage students to choose the techniques & methods that are most useful & valuable for them.

After learning the mechanisms and effects of the techniques presented in class, students remain free to choose the ones that he/she prefers and finds best for them.

We do not “force” any one way of practice – the course gives students the knowledge, understanding, and training they need to choose the techniques & methods which are most effective for them.

Some techniques are best for improving mental concentration, others for deepening relaxation, and others for rapid regeneration & healing.

The course simply prepares practitioners to choose intelligently for themselves which asanas and meditation techniques to practice daily, in order to achieve the specific results or transformations they aim for.

Step 3: Transformation

Effects of the techniques presented in the yoga course include:

  • A gradual awakening of intuition
  • Understanding of body language
  • The ability to “feel” what one truly needs in every moment
  • Restoration of good moods, dynamism, and joy of living (even if it seems to have been lost)
  • Realization of one’s spiritual meaning in the Universe
  • Awareness & control over the mental energy & creative potential

Other benefits our students report:

  • Improved social & intimate relationships – from deepening understanding of ourselves, there is an increased empathy, compassion, and understanding for others
  • Increased efficiency in using mental & creative energies (better focus & mental clarity)
  • Elimination of inner tensions & blockages – physically, and also mentally/emotionally
  • Increased levels of energy and positive inner states (happiness, joy, enthusiasm)
  • Deeper levels of relaxation in daily life
  • Improved quality of sleep

Other practical information:

In the first year, classes are 2 hours consisting of approx. 90 minutes of practice, and approx. 30 minutes of theory.

There are 46-48 classes in a year – 1 per week. Classes pause in August and resume in September each year.

New students must start in Year 1 – skipping years is not allowed, as the later years build upon the foundations set in earlier years.

Those who join both Yoga & Tantra Year 1 receive a 50% discount on the Tantra course. This is because the first 18 months of each course covers similar foundational topics (chakras, asanas, pranayama, etc). After 18 months the course curriculums cover very different topics, so each course must be paid for individually.

Year 1 courses are open for enrollment until the Laya Yoga initiation (usually in April). After this exceptional initiation is given, the course closes to newcomers.

Those who are interested in joining the courses after April will then have to wait until the next Year 1 courses are open in September.

What you’ll learn in the course

Hatha Yoga

pursues the perfect control of the body, health, and the vital energies – based on the balance of the fundamental solar (+) and lunar (-) polarities of the human being

Jnana Yoga

the YOGA of fusion with the superior energies of the mind, of the awakening and amplifying power of discernment


Bhakti Yoga

the YOGA of universal love, of sacrifice and dedication to the Supreme

Raja Yoga

the YOGA of fusion with the cosmic mental plane, which aims to amplify the mental powers, control mental agitation, and awaken the Third Eye (Ajna Chakra)

Tantra Yoga

the YOGA of extreme expansion of the field of consciousness among others, for example through transmuting and sublimating the creative sexual potential


the YOGA of complete fusion with certain infinite spheres of the Universe

Mantra Yoga

the YOGA of entering into resonance with different subtle energies of the Universe, using certain imitative sounds

yantra Yoga

the YOGA of telepathic fusion with certain energies or power spheres of the Universe by means of specific & precise geometric drawings

Karma Yoga

the YOGA of putting oneself in unison with the Supreme through action

Kundalini Yoga

the YOGA of awakening and ascending of the huge power that exists in a latent state at the basis of the spine, in MULADHARA CHAKRA

You will also learn about:

  • Techniques to develop mental concentration, creative imagination, and meditation, and to eliminate stress
  • Methods of relaxation and regeneration – both physically and mentally – which help to re-establish a state of health and vitality, inner harmony. The lessons on methods of healing with the help of subtle breaths (PRANA) will provide very useful and extremely efficient information
  • Colors and their complex effects on the human being (for example, the antiseptic properties of the blue color, and the awakening the creativity when under the influence of sunlight)
  • The dynamics of the erotic energies and sexuality, addressed from the yogic perspective
  • 100% natural methods for eliminating toxins from your body
  • The use of medicinal plants for healing certain diseases in parallel with the practice of certain YOGA techniques, and ASANAS which are useful for treating various illnesses*
  • Advanced forms of Yoga from ancient secret lineages, including Svara Yoga, Meridian Yoga, Tibetan Yoga, Kalachakra Tantra, and Mahavidya Yoga (Yoga of the 10 Great Cosmic Powers)


*disclaimer: we do NOT offer professional medical advice, and the notions & techniques presented in the course are NOT to replace examination & treatment from medical practitioners. If you are suffering from any illnesses please see a licensed medical professional.

Year 1 Yoga Course starting week 38

Thursdays 17.00 – 19.00 with Rebecca Verner (Starting 23/9)CopenhagenENG
Mondays 19.30 - 21.30 with Erotina Larsen (Starting 20/9)CopenhagenDAN
Wednesday 19.30-21.30with Minodora & Arthur (Starting 22/9)ÅrhusENG

*All classes are open until March 2022.