Practical Meditation for Beginners

Learn how to focus longer, eliminate stress, and access higher states of performance


This 3-part series of meditation workshops is designed to help you achieve practical, visible improvements in daily life – not just when you are in your room meditating.

Each workshop will focus on a specific aspect of meditation training that leads to improvements in daily life:

The workshops do not require any preparation or previous experience. You can sign up to any of the workshops individually, or you can sign up all 3 for a special price.

Workshop 1: Training Focus, Attention, and Concentration

The workshop on 25 April will explore:

  • The true power of meditation – how meditation helps to unlock human mental potential
  • How meditation helps tame the “monkey mind”
  • How to focus for longer periods of time through meditation training
  • Practical meditation technique: training the focused orientation of attention

    This workshop is best for:

    • People who would like to learn about the practical benefits of meditation, and how meditation training translates into daily life activities
    • Anyone who has difficulty focusing, and would like to learn how to focus for longer periods of time

    Workshop 2: Eliminating Stress & Agitation

    The workshop on 16 May will explore:

    • The mechanisms of stress – how stress is built & and how it can be consciously managed
    • How to create a state of inner mental silence
    • How to use meditation as a tool to eliminate stress, anxiety, and mental/emotional agitation
    • Practical meditation technique: eliminating mental/emotional agitation through detached awareness & conscious relaxation

    This workshop is best for:

    • People who are dealing with mental/emotional stress at work, at home, or in their relationships
    • Anyone who would like to learn the mechanisms of stress & agitation – including how to prevent unconscious stress accumulations

    Workshop 3: Accessing Higher Human Performance

    The workshop on 6 June will explore:

    • The power of consciousness related to human performance – productivity, creativity, problem-solving, memory, and speed of learning
    • Scientific research on meditation and its extraordinary impact on human performance
    • The Occult Law of Resonance – the key to accessing higher states of consciousness & improve performance through meditation
    • Practical meditation technique: entering resonance with a chosen higher state of consciousness at will

    This workshop is best for:

    • People interested in entering higher states of consciousness & improving performance (physical, mental, and emotional) through meditation
    • Anyone who wants to learn how meditation helps develop qualities such as intelligence, creativity, willpower, and more

    Triple Bundle Offer

    If you would like to sign up to all 3 workshops, you can do so for a discounted price of 349kr!

    Workshop Structure

    Each workshop is 2 hours with around 60 minutes theory & 60 minutes of guided practice.

    In the theoretical part, you will learn fundamental mechanisms of the mind and mental concentration as well as simple yogic meditation practice.

    In the practical part, you will receive a technique based on the theme of each workshop and practice together with the teacher.

    After each workshop we highly suggest you practice each technique daily for 21 days (until the next workshop) in order to observe the specific results of practicing the technique.

    As the wise saying goes: a gram of practice is worth more than a ton of theory!

    Meet the Teacher


    Sahajananda has been researching in the field of esoteric knowledge and the ancient spiritual traditions of the planet since the age of 21. He has combined his informative research work with an in-depth practice of yogic and tantric methodologies and powerful tantric forms of meditation.

    As a certified AIFYM teacher he teaches courses and workshops in Tantra, Yoga and Meditation at NATHA Yogacenter in Copenhagen and Stockholm, as well as at various festivals around Europe. He has a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature & Art Studies at Copenhagen University and a minor degree in Indology.

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    Workshop 1

    149 kr

    Access to Workshop 1: Training Focus, Attention, and Concentration

    Workshop 2

    149 kr

    Access to Workshop 2: Eliminating Stress & Agitation

    Workshop 3

    149 kr

    Access to Workshop 3: Accessing Higher Human Performance

    Triple Bundle

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    Best value: access to all 3 workshops for a special discounted price!