Dec 28, 2021 – Jan 5, 2022

We invite those of you in search of an oasis of peace, silence and introspection to join us for the Silent Meditation Retreat in the beautiful Danish countryside.

This exceptional retreat takes place over the New Year period, bringing to a close the year that has been while ushering in the coming year in profound states of silence and deep introspection.

This retreat for those who are looking for an ambiance of peace & silence where they can dive into the depths of their heart & soul, meditate deeply, and charge the new year with spiritual growth & aspirations.

To be able to take the leap into the relatively unknown domain of meditation and inner reflection, there needs to be a call within.

For most of us, this means being able to quieten the mind enough in order to be able to hear that inner voice that calls us to such an experience, to make that choice to go deeper than our usual daily existence.

We invite you to start the new year in silence, to discover the treasures of your spiritual heart and its mysteries, and to explore the question:

What would you find if you went just a little bit deeper? 

Meditate in the peace & silence of the Danish winter countryside

During the retreat you have the unique opportunity to be in complete silence – without phones, emails or any external distractions.

This creates an ideal condition to focus internally and discover the genuine treasures of your own inner universe; to explore the mysteries of your soul, awaken your spiritual heart and discover your true Self.

Let go of old patterns, find your deepest aspirations and charge the new year

The retreat offers the unique opportunity to:

  • Reflect on the events & lessons of the previous year
  • Identify and let go of all the sources of stress, agitation, and turmoil in daily life – everything that is not serving you and holds you back can be let go here
  • Realize the deepest aspirations of your heart & soul
  • Set your intentions & charge the new year with a powerful spiritual impulse

Exceptional initiation offered only in this retreat

This retreat includes initiation into the special technique for revealing the Supreme Self ATMAN.

This simple yet highly efficient technique takes you step by step, starting from the level where you are, gradually uplifting you to the Revelation of the Self.

This practical technique is accessible for everyone – the only prerequisite is aspiration.

The initiation in this technique is only available in this Self-Revelation Retreat.

Practical Details

In the first few days:

There will be a gentle warm-up, to gradually make the switch from daily life to deep introspection and meditation.

The meditations will be shorter and the Hatha Yoga practice will be longer. Lectures will present essential elements of effective meditation. All this allows you to gradually prepare for the longer meditations and intense program of the following camp.


After the first few days:

The program will contain longer meditations, lectures, guided yoga practice – all aiming to guide you deeper on the fascinating journey into your inner universe.

This stage is a wonderful blend of theory and practice – the theory provides the framework for the meditations, comprehensively explaining the process of entering and deepening the meditative state.

Please note that the actual meditations are in silence – aspirants will use the information they receive in the theoretical part to deepen their experiences in the meditation.


The program also includes:

* Hatha Yoga sessions to prepare for entering deeper states of meditation

* Daily exemplifications of different spiritual states

* Q&A sessions with senior teacher Advaitananda

* Special spiritual activities kept together on the night of the New Year

An example of a day in the Silent Retreat:

08.30 – 09.30 Hatha Yoga in unison

09.30 – 10.00 Presentation of essential elements about meditation.

10:00 – 12:00 Meditation for revealing the Self.

12.00 – 14.30 Lunch break.

15.00 – 15.30 Presentation of essential elements about meditation.

15.30 – 18.30 Meditation for revealing the Self.

18.30 – 19.30 Individual practice.

19.30 – 21.30 Dinner break.

21.35 – 22.05 Spiritual exemplification: “The state of Divine Beatitude that bursts within our being through the Revelation of the Divine Self Atman” (meditation subtly supported by our spiritual guide Grieg)

22.05 – 23.00 Special conference about the revelation of the Supreme Self ATMAN by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

23:00 – 23:30 Meditation for revealing the Self.

About Paradise Retreat Center

Paradise Retreat Center is our premiere retreat venue in the heart of the Danish countryside.

In order to keep the experience positive and rejuvenating for all our guests, the whole retreat center is kept smoke, drug, coffee and alcohol free.

Paradise Retreat center serves delicious and nutritious vegan/vegetarian food made with love by yogis dedicated to supporting your retreat.

Included in the price option with food and accommodation are cozy and warm male/female dormitories in bunk beds, with personal closet space, light, and curtains for some privacy.

For more information about Paradise Retreat Center:

About the Teacher

The International Meditation Retreat for Revealing the Supreme Self will be guided by Advaitananda Stoian, who has more than 30 years of experience with profound meditation. Advaitananda is the senior teacher at Natha Yoga center, Copenhagen and Stockholm, and coordinator of the Atman International Teacher Training Programs in Yoga, Tantra and Meditation.

He is the author of Natha Yogacenter’s 3-year Meditation Course, the most in-depth course for mastering the mind, understanding the fundamental principles and mechanisms for how the mind works, and for going beyond the mind – accessing the supramental intuitive intellect and entering profound states of consciousness in meditation. Advaitananda is also an inspiring speaker, with profoundly thought-provoking and often surprising new perspectives on every topic that he touches upon.





Refund Policy

Cancellations requested more than 30 days before the retreat can be refunded to the original payment method, minus a 25% administration fee.

For cancellations within 30 days of the retreat – you may receive a credit for the amount paid, which can be used towards future NATHA events, retreats, or other purchases.