Student Announcements

Student Announcements

Here you will find student-only announcements and updates – check back for updates!

11 April - Invitation to Tantra Recap Workshop (Year 1 Modules 1-4) on 10 May

Dear students,

We are happy to announce that due to popular request, we will be holding a Recap Session for reviewing Year 1 modules 1-4 of the Tantra Course.

It is FREE for all students enrolled in the Tantra course and all current Unlimited Pass holders. You may join this recap session no matter what year of the Tantra course you are in!

The program will last 2½ hours including a short break. Online participation is available for those who cannot make it live in Copenhagen.

If you missed any of the modules or would like to review, we highly encourage you to join us in this 2.5 hour recap session!

This recap workshop will include:

  • The key principles and practices in Tantra (module 1)
  • The psychology, energetic structure and core practices of the root spine chakra (Muladhara – module 2)
  • The psychology, energetic structure and core practices of the sacral plexus chakra (Svadhisthana – module 3)
  • The psychology, energetic structure and core practices of the sacral plexus chakra (Manipura – module 4)
  • Q & A session including sharing

If you would like to join us, you can learn more & sign up here:

6 April - Registration for the International Yogi Spring Camp 2022

We warmly invite you to participate in the International Yogi Spring Camp 2022 which will take place online between 22nd April – 4th May 2022!


Similarly to previous Spring and Summer camps, this camp will be held in Romanian and translations will be provided. English translation will be provided by default.


Registration process


The registration for this camp is similar to the previous online Spring and Summer camps – you will need to complete the registration & GDPR forms and make a cash payment.


The sign-up process may take a few days, and your application will not be processed until the forms & payment have been received. So please be sure to sign up in good time to avoid missing any part of the camp program!


The following elements are required to register:


Registration & GDPR forms


Please fill out the registration form and GDPR agreement and provide the necessary data to sign up.


You can download and send the forms to us by email, or you can fill in the forms at our reception during opening hours.


If you have not yet received the forms via email, please let us know at so we can send them to you as soon as we can.




Two classic camp photos will be submitted for registration in format 10/15 cm or 2:3 proportions   

– Front view + semi-profile (45 degrees turned)

– Dressed in a bathing suit, speedos for men, bikini for women, not covering the navel.

– Pictures have to be clear and sharp, with good lighting, best resolution with maximum size of 2-3 MB

– All parts of the body need to be visible in the picture (nothing going out of the frame) also not covered by the paper with the date

– The date visible on the picture, to be recent, taken after December 25, 2021


Please submit the photos via email to us at


Why are photos required to sign up? 

Due to the energetic magnitude and intensity of the camp, we aim to create a subtle field of support for all participants and also make sure you have the necessary vitality to sustain the experience.


From our experience, it is an important preparation for securing the maximum overall spiritual success for both teachers and participants.


The photos will be checked by a teacher with the ability to observe the bio-energetic body with the use of a photo. In this way, we ensure that all participants are sufficiently prepared for the camp.


What happens with my photos?

Your photos will only be seen by the administrative staff handling the service and the respective teacher.


After the viewing, your photos will be deleted from our data-archive according to the recent GDPR law. You are always welcome to contact our staff if you have further questions about this procedure.  


Participation fee

The participation fee for the Spring Camp is 195 Euro or 1500 DKK.


The participation fee must be paid in full at our reception during opening hours in order to register for the camp.


Please be sure to pay in good time – your application cannot be processed until your payment has been made!


Those who register after the camp has started will pay the same fee and will have access only to the activities of the remaining days.


Confirmation of participation and camp access


After you have provided all necessary elements, your registration will be processed through Atman Federation and the Romanian host of the camp. Be aware that this may take a few days.


Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive instruction for accessing the camp in the email that you provided during the registration.


Other Specifications


This process is valid for all students of our school who want to participate to this camp.


Non-students may sign-up for this camp if they provide in addition a written declaration from a student at one of Atman’s schools who knows them (please contact our receptionists for more details).


Only persons who have turned 18 have access to this camp.


All camp participants will receive, after the end of the camp, gift materials.


Those who for various reasons were not allowed to participate in these camps in previous years, will not be able to be accepted this year either. Therefore, they are kindly asked not to apply this year.


Camp Program Preview


Although the program for the camp has not yet been released, we may look forward to include many sublime spiritual activities such as:


• Daily exemplifications of Godly attributes

• Spiral meditations (with special online indications)

• Special exemplifications such as communion with the sublime energy of Godly Pure Eros, paranormal projections into the past …

• A generous, plentiful garland of spiritual lectures, both completely new as well as from the archives

• Guided hatha yoga practice

• Selected films with a spiritual message

and more!


We wish you a wonderful Spring Camp, full of blissful experiences and enlightening realizations!

If you are interested in signing up and have not received the registration materials already, please send us an email at to receive them!

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