Student Announcements

Student Announcements

Here you will find student-only announcements and updates – check back for updates!

Solar Hiatus Yang Spiral: Saturday 27 August @ NATHA Copenhagen (UPDATED 26 AUG)

On Saturday 27 August you are invited to our center in Copenhagen for a special Yang Spiral meditation on the occasion of the Annual Solar Hiatus.

The meditation program is as follows:

11:10-13:08 – Presentation: clarifying commentaries regarding the most important aspects and subtle tendencies of the occult moment of the solar hiatus of the zodiacal year 2022 – 2023 – lecture by Nicolae Catrina
12:45-13:17 – formation of the spiral
13:17-13:22 – consecration
13:22-18:42 – special Yang Spiral meditation on the occasion of the annual Solar Hiatus 2022

Hope to see you there, and we wish you all the best!

Special Summer Program: 18-29 July @ NATHA Copenhagen

The special summer program is back and runs from 18-29 July. The program is FREE and available to all students currently enrolled at NATHA.

Every day includes a special theme with both theory and practice.

The program runs 17:00-19:30 every weekday (Mon-Fri) at NATHA Copenhagen, Ananda Hall OR online via Zoom (you can send an email to us at to receive the Zoom link).

No sign-up needed. Just come check in with our receptionist before the program starts!

You can see the full program & schedule at the link below:


Invitation for the Yogic Esoteric Summer Spiritual Camp 2022

We invite you to participate in the Yogic Esoteric Summer Spiritual Camp 2022 which will take place online between 1st August – 4th September 2022.

Also some activities are offered locally live in Costinesti, Romania:

• Repetitions of some initiations, which have been offered in Costinesti or Herculane camps in previous years: Beneficial State of Romantic Trance, Indra, Svarga, Krishna 1, Vishnu, Kalki, Polyamory. More details about these initiations can be found here:

• Annual hiatus spiral on 27 August 2022

• The exceptional spiritual healing event on September 4, 2022. More details about this event and preparation for it can be found here:

The camp is available for all students of member schools of the Atman Federation. For further events available also to non-students, please refer to

As in previous Spring and Summer Camps, this camp will be held in Romanian and translations will be provided. English translation will be provided by default and other languages (Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese) will be added only if there are minimum 10 participants of the respective language signed up by 15th July.

Parts of the camp program will be repeated during the European night hours, in order to be more accessible for participants living in other time zones. However, we do not expect any recordings to be available offline.

Registrations for international students starts Friday, 1st July 2022.

If you want to participate in any of the initiations live in Costinesti please complete the online form of the respective language to indicate your intention to participate by 7th July 2022:

The sign-up process for the camp may take a few days. Please sign up in good time to avoid missing any part of the camp program.

How to sign up

As mentioned, this year the Summer Camp will take place both online, but it is also possible to attend some initiations in Costinesti directly. You have 2 options to sign up:

Option A. In the period 1st July – 4th September participants can sign up for ONLINE participation through NATHA as in the previous camps (detailed below)

Option B. In the period 1st August till 4th September, you can alternatively sign up directly in the Comandament in Costinesti (bringing with you: camp fee in Euros, printed camp pictures with your details clearly written on the back, venereal tests (HIV & VDRL), as well as other aspects conform the requirements for joining the initiations. If you are going for the first time, you can ask your teacher, who can help you.

The sign up is available for all students of our yoga school. Please note, only people over 18 years old can register.

Details for sign up option A:

Ýou can sign up for online participation by:

Step 1: Fill out the attached INFO SHEET digitally

Step 2: Print, fill out, sign and scan the attached GDPR form (alternatively, this step can be done in the reception during the hours mentioned below)

Step 3: Take PHOTOS according to the description below (alternatively, this step can be done in the reception during the hours mentioned below)

Step 4: Send your INFO SHEET, GDPR form and PHOTOS by email to

Step 5: Pay the PARTICIPATION FEE 575 € for the entire camp (or 65 for a 36 hour ticket). It is possible to pay ONLY IN CASH IN EUROS. This can be done:

a.During these hours in the reception in NATHA Copenhagen:

Mon-Thu 4-7/7 16.00-21.30

Fri 8/7 16.30-20.00

Wed 20/7 16.45-18.45

Tue 26/7 16.45-18.45

Sun 31/7 20.30-21.30

b. in Paradise Retreat center in the period 9-19/7 by contacting Selena Andersen, 22781580.

c. In the period 1/8-4/9 you can write to to make an appointment for the registration.

Important: If you wish to ensure participation from the beginning of the camp, you need to have completed the entire sign-up process LATEST 26/7/2022.

Step 5: After your sign up process, you will within a few days receive an email from ATMAN with your online access code for attending the camp.

About the photos:
These are required camp pictures that are usually taken in order to ensure a harmonious attendance to the camp, where the level of your overall harmony and vitality is checked. They should be as described below. (We recommend for newcomers to take the pictures with a more experienced colleague who already knows these details)
– 2 digital photos (2:3 format) in swimwear / underwear (short shorts for men and 2 piece bikini / underwear for women)
– One image should be front view of the entire person and the second image should be a semi profile image.
Important regarding the photos:
– They have to be clear and sharp, with good lighting, best resolution with maximum size of 2-3 MB
– All parts of the body need to be visible and uncovered (hair up, no accessories)
– The date when the image is taken needs to be clearly written on a piece of paper which you hold in your hand or have taped on the wall behind you.
– Recent taken images can be used, taken after May 15, 2022

Example photos:

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