Summer Soul Retreat

23-29 July 2020 in Paradise Retreatcenter

Find yourself into the Heart of Nature, Soul & Creativity

We invite you for a 7 day Summer Soul experience in Paradise Retreat Center, a place of touching beauty. Surrounded by nature, fresh air and peace, you have the opportunity for a digital detox, leaving behind all the gadgets, distractions and constant noise.

The focus of Summer Soul this year is on human connection and amazing creativity, exploring the depths of your soul and being in communion with nature:


Connect with the healing power of nature

• Outdoor yoga sessions and exercises of communion with nature

• Trips to nature and local beauty spots

• The mysteries of ayurvedic plants and the hidden secrets of crystals

• Relaxing in the garden hot tubs

• Discovering the divine in nature

Explore the depth of your soul

• The spiritual heart as a gateway to your deepest nature

• Healing the wounds of the soul

• Follow your heart cacao ceremony

• Guided Meditations for connecting to your inner self

•  Special Ritual for the profound awakening of the Soul

Manifest radiant creativity

•  Mandala painting

•  Creativity workshops

•  Da Vinci and the art of becoming a genius

•  Dance workshops and Ecstatic trance party

•  Garden games



“After one week you will feel deeply alive, connected, confident, creative, re-vitalized and with a newfound radiant sense of inner freedom”

Example of a day in the retreat:






    • 08.30 – 10.00 Good Morning Yoga
    • 10.00 – 11.00 Breakfast
    • 11.00 – 12.30 NATURE IV: The Framework of Reality – Understanding natures subtle spiritual fabric
    • Sheldrake’s theory about morphic resonance, morphogenesis, fractals memory and mental fields as the framework of reality in light of yoga
    • 12.30 – 13.00 Meditation: The mysterious meaning of Life
    • 13.00 – 15.00 Lunch break
    • 15.00 – 17.00 CREATIVITY I: Mandala Art Workshop
    • Art group work guided by artist and art teacher Ines Honfi.
    • 17.30 – 18.00 CREATIVITY II: Garden Games
    • 18.00 – 20.00 Dinner break
    • 20.00 – 22.00 CREATIVITY III: Da Vinci and the art of becoming a genius An inspiring talk with Advaitananda 
    • Meditation: Awakening Supramental Awareness
    • 22.00 – 24.00 Hot tubs and open bar






What happens in Summer Soul: 

Awakening the Soul

The spiritual heart as a gateway to the SOUL

An introductory lecture that will teach you how to awaken your heart chakra and to experience self-awareness.

Love and affection, that can be amplified through the awakening of the heart, are playing a very big role in our lives, contributing to the feeling of overall fulfillment.

Distinguishing the difference between the heart and the soul will help us understand how to go more and more inside our being and be in the eye of the storm.

Receive valuable techniques for connecting with your inner self through the spiritual heart.

The 5 Wound of the Soul

An important step in becoming free and aware of our soul is the process of healing. This lecture aims to explain and help you identify through exercises and techniques the primary wound of your soul and teach you how to heal it.

Forgiveness is the most powerful medicine for all these wounds, but to get there, you need to go through a process of self-awareness, introspection and acceptance.

Garden Games

Wonderful activities and team building games in the paradisiacal garden.

The Healing Power of Plants

Richard and Emanuel, experienced Ayurveda teachers, will teach you the traditional ayurvedic use of herbs and plants. Sometimes, we are looking for complicated remedies and expensive medication or supplements, and we don’t realize that plants can be the solution for so many of our problems.

It is known from ancient times that the healing power of plants is extraordinary.

To taste and play with plants and mixtures will awaken your senses and your creativity, bringing you closer to nature.

Hidden secrets of crystals

Crystals holistic therapy is an amazing way to get in touch with nature and with yourself!

Crystals and gemstones are fascinating no only through their colors and shapes, but also through their healing abilities. People have used them for centuries for curing diseases and entering high states of consciousness, because crystals are considered to hold different types of energies.

You will learn how do use different crystals and gemstones to balance and direct energy where is needed in your being.

You will connect with nature on a deeper level, because crystals take millions of years to form underground, resonating with the Earth

You will see different colors, sizes and shapes of crystals and you will have the chance to experiment

The Science of Nature

Nature is the most complex system, having principles that have not yet been discovered.

All these patterns, the golden ratio, the fractals memory reveal the fact the laws of nature, that can help us expand our consciousness beyond our own being.

This lecture will also include Sheldrake’s theory about morphic resonance, helping you understand a bit more some phenomenon happening on our planet now.

You will have access to scientific experiments, formulas and testimonies that will complete the theoretical presentation changing your perception of the world.

The art of becoming a genius: Da Vinci

God and his magnificent presence in Nature

 All the famous yogis were searching for places in nature for their long meditations, because it helped them very easily enter a state of peace and contemplation. Nature made them feel closer to the divine because of its complexity and magnitude.

In nature it is easier to connect with your inner self and ask yourself who you really are.

Advaitananda will also include in this lecture a method for contemplation of the Soul that we will practice together during the retreat.

Morning Yoga

Every day will start with a Hatha Yoga session including the deep yogic relaxation.

Each session includes learning practical yogic techniques or meditation exercises, to create tangible transformation in your health & life.

  Many of these techniques are designed to train your focus & attention, induce a  deeper state of relaxation, elevate your inner state and help you enter (and maintain) higher states of consciousness.

Hatha Yoga prepares our body and energetic system for a new day. It’s a wonderful way to regenerate and recharge our batteries. One of the “secret” effects of yoga is that we learn how to be relaxed and focused – at the same time!

Mandala painting

Mandala Art Workshop with Ines Honfi

Cacao Ceremony

For thousands of years cacao has been considered as a sacred plant with healing properties. It is thought that cacao was first used as a health elixir and ceremonial medicine as far back as 1900 BC by the ancestors of Central America, the Olmec people, before becoming a ritualistic medicine used by the Aztec and Mayan cultures.

Not only was cacao used in ceremonial purposes but it was also renowned as a medicinal plant that aids in the healing of and opening up of the heart’s circulation.

Cacao is naturally high in iron, magnesium, and B-complex vitamins, which is great for improving your mood and increasing your energy level.

One of the main active ingredients in cacao is Anandamide, a neurotransmitter produced in the brain that binds to the THC receptors. It’s also known as the “bliss molecule” (named after “ananda”, the Sanskrit word for “bliss.”)

Cacao also contains Theobromine. Theo-broma literally translates as God-Food, and potentiates the release of dopamine, the ‘pleasure’ hormone. This, alongside phenethylamine, which is known to help relieve stress and depression and which is released in the body during emotional euphoria, create heightened sensation and empathy.

Due to the euphoria inducing ingredients, the emotional impact can be profound. Everything feels heightened within the physical and emotional body, including your awareness to your deepest sense of self and to your heart.

The increased sense of connection and uplifting euphoria facilitates access to expanded states of consciousness, as such it can be used for meditation and contemplation.

Delicious vegetarian food

100% Vegetarian

100% Homemade

100% Delicious

100% Amazing company


Creativity – a manifestation of the soul.

For most people the spirit is locked away, hidden under mental agitation and repetitive daily tasks. But from time to time we catch a glimpse, we see the breathtaking beauty of the sunrise, we feel the awe inspiring amazement at a sudden revelation, we feel that there is something more, somewhere, somehow, there is so much to be discovered.

Who is Summer Soul for?

  • For those who want to enjoy a different kind of holiday, surrounded by nature and beauty.
  • For those who want to awaken their true self, in freedom, inspiration and creativity.
  • For those who seek spirituality and knowledge.
  • For those who want to relax and experience a state of inner peace.
  • For those who are fascinated by the laws and principles of the universe.
  • For those who enjoy profound art and creativity.
  • For those who want to learn how to be in harmony with themselves and with others.
  • For those who have existential questions in wait for some answers.
  • For those who want to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

Come to Paradise to regenerate, explore life, develop new skills, have fun and connect with people.

Meet the teachers










Practical Info

International Travel

Denmark’s borders are open to most of Europe, currently excluding UK, Ireland, Portugal, Romania and most of Sweden. See updated travel info here:

To enter Denmark, tourists from approved countries must show documentation of a valid booking for a minimum of 6 days on entry (show your Summer Soul booking confirmation).


Food  & Accommodation 

Paradise Retreatcenter is 100% vegetarian, 100% no smoking and no drugs and 100% great atmosphere.

Paradis offers budget accommodation, cozy dormitories with shared bathroom facilities. If you wish to have a private room we can help you to book mid- to high-end guesthouses and hotels in the local area, within a few minutes’ drive from Paradise Retreatcenter.

Visit see your best options.


Where is the retreat?

Paradise Retreatcenter is situated around 60 km south of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The address is Spjellerupvej 41, 4640 Faxe.

You can come by car or by public transportation to Karise st. from where you will be picked up (you will receive detailed travel information in the welcome letter).


Corona measures

Please do not come to the retreat if you are sick or you experience any symptoms.

Paradise will take extra care with sanitary measures during this retreat and hand sanitizer will be available. You have the option to put up your own tent in the garden and to bring your own yogamat, blanket etc. There will be max 100 people in Paradise which is less than the total Paradise can host and this means extra space in the 4 dormitories, gardens and 450m2 Valhalla teaching hall. 

Please be aware that one of the purposes of Summer Soul is to connect with other people and that the program of this retreat includes optional interactive exercises.

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