Tantrafestival Copenhagen 2024:

Erotic Revolution

10-11 February

Dare to Join the Erotic Revolution

For hundreds of years eroticism has been considered TABOO – something happening only behind closed doors, and many times seen as shameful or unpure.

Most of our modern-day culture has reduced eroticism to only its physical, sexual, instinctual elements. It’s been stripped of its sublime, sacred aspects – the true essence of Love and Eros that fulfills the heart and soul.

This year, we’re here to change that.

On Valentine’s Day weekend, through workshops, talks, special yoga practice, performances, dance and meaningful connections, we will step into the world of Eros and re-discover the vastness of beauty within our soul.

We will learn to manifest our pure erotic nature, discover who we are as erotic beings and how sacred eroticism and profound conscious intimacy are keys to true, long-lasting fulfillment in life.

This year’s Tantrafestival aims to show eroticism in a different light – as one of the most powerful and sublime tools of transformation and awakening of the soul that we have at our disposal.

We invite you to be part of the EROTIC EVOLUTION of our era, and together to generate a global shift upon eroticism and the pure manifestation of EROS!

A Soul-Fulfilling Celebration of Love & Eroticism

At this year’s Tantrafestival, we will remove the TABOOs around eroticism and learn how to nurture this pure, uplifting energy – recognizing it as one of the most essential parts of our being.

The erotic energy is the energy of life and in ancient times conscious eroticism and conscious living went hand-in-hand.

“Who you are when you make love is who you are in life!” was what the tantric practitioners used to say.

And this comes with an important clarification:

This festival is not about sex or sexual behavior – it is about sublime, uplifting Eroticism – which is fundamentally & radically different!

Eroticism it is an impetus of the soul towards the highest reaches of paradisiacal realms.

When fully embraced and integrated, Eros brings sacredness into every aspect of our life – even what seems profane – triggering a transformation within and an evolution of consciousness.

The key difference is that Eroticism is based on the sublime energy of LOVE – which actively elevates our desires, our intimacy and our eroticism.

So in this festival we aim to awaken and cultivate LOVE in all its forms – towards ourselves, in our relationships, and for all of manifestation throughout the entire Universe.

Step by step, with every workshop, dance, and intimate moment – this weekend represents the magical journey of discovering & enjoying the most profound & fulfilling aspects found deep within our souls.


Explore Hyper-Conscious Intimacy & Romance

Sacred intimacy is one of the most fulfilling aspects of a love relationship, and an art worth taking a lifetime to master.

Unfortunately, most of us were never really educated on how to love, how to truly be intimate with another human being, how to touch consciously, or how to support and experience the most profound states during love making.

When two lovers are deeply intimate with each other they feel connected, nurtured and seen. They communicate without words and have no needs or expectations.

Intimacy appears naturally in the beginning of a relationship, but in time it becomes more and more difficult to preserve it without knowing some fundamental keys and mechanisms.

During this festival we will learn and practice ways to awaken and nurture intimacy and take relationships to a whole new level of happiness.

We seek to create a perfect blend of relaxing time and transformative “heart-work”.

In doing so, you get the chance to learn new things, to open up to the unknown, to embrace the old, to bravely face life transformations, to explore sensuality in the light of full awareness, and to surrender to the breathtaking gifts of love that connect you to others and to your inner source of happiness.

Awaken Your Consciousness, Master Your Erotic Energy & Set Yourself Free!

Tantra is about awakening. To wake up to life and to the beauty around us. To awaken the senses and the countless facets of joy and pleasure. To awaken our consciousness in a fearless surrender to every opportunity that life throws at us. To wake up to ourselves and each other in natural heartfelt presence.

Throughout the event there will be space to eat, enjoy and laugh together; space to create trust, intimacy and loving connections; and there will be guidance for beautiful meetings and insights into Eros, relationships and love.

We will use Tantric practices such as yoga, meditation and many other techniques to make us more aware of the energies in our body, eliminate blockages, awaken our hearts and consciousness.

Staying true to genuine Tantric tradition, everything we do in this festival aims towards greater levels of Self-awareness and a deeper understanding of both ourselves and the universe.



Festival Highlights

Eros Beyond the Bedroom: Erotic Education and the Heart as your compass

Tantric Tango Workshop (with ArtExtasia)

Awaken Your Erotic Sensing

Erotic Imagination as a Gateway to Eros

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Tantric Deep Dating

Sensual Party

Consciously Enter Into An Elevated Erotic Mood

Artistic Performances

Practical Info


10-11 February 2024

Festival Opens

9:30 Saturday 10 February

Festival Ends

18:30 Sunday 11 February




Nordre Fasanvej 230, 2200 København

Refund Policy

For cancellations 10 or more days before the event (until 31 January 2024):

You will receive your money back minus a 25% administration fee. The refund will be issued to your original payment method.

After 31 January, no refunds will be issued.

You can, however, transfer your ticket to another person by sending us an email at natha@natha.dk with the name & email address of the person you would like the ticket transferred to.



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ArtExtasia is a multidisciplinary team has people from all areas of life, from professional actors and actresses to dancers, journalists, psychologists, engineers and doctors, filmmakers and sociologists.

They became united around a simple principle: The transformation we wish to see in the world starts with our own personal transformation.

This is done through the application of the principles of Love, Sacred Art and Godly Spirituality in their life and in their artistic work.


Adina Stoian

Adina is a tantra and yoga teacher with vast experience in working with spiritual knowledge through courses, seminars and workshops all over the world. Together with her beloved husband, Advaitananda, she has devoted her life to promote the tantric wisdom.

Adina is a passionate practitioner of spirituality with 30 years of devotion to transformation and women’s growth.


Sahajananda has been researching in the field of esoteric knowledge and the ancient spiritual traditions of the planet since the age of 21. He has combined his informative research work with an in-depth practice of yogic and tantric methodologies and powerful tantric forms of meditation. Sahajananda teaches courses and workshops in Tantra, Yoga and Meditation at NATHA in Copenhagen and Stockholm, as well as at various festivals around Europe.


Nicol has 8 years of experience teaching Tantra in both Copenhagen & Sweden, and 15 years of experience as a tantra masseuse at the Tantra Temple in Copenhagen, where she is also a teacher and developer of the Tantra Massage Education.

Nicol is also a former professional ballet dancer and is uniquely gifted in combining tantric knowledge with dance – using her feminine creativity and sensuality to create deeply spiritual dance performances. 


Ulrik Adinatha Lyshøj has been dedicated to a Tantric life since 2000. He is educated as a Yoga and Tantra teacher certified by the Atman International Federation of Yoga and Meditation. He is co-founder of the Tantra Temple and author of the book “Let’s Talk Tantra”.

In his daily life, he teaches Tantra Yoga and Tantra Massage. He has a huge experience in working with people and combining bodywork with therapy and coaching in order to speed up personal and spiritual development.


Ameline Teodora is an enthusiastic tantra and yoga teacher with more than 10 years’ experience. Having as a background the formation of an economist and a gestalt therapist, she has been interested in the tantric practice since early youth.

Throughout her life, Ameline has aimed to deepen the ancient spiritual knowledge and implement it step by step in daily life. She is also a teacher of tantra massage and loves to guide people into the fascinating world of conscious erotic touch.


Catalin has been practicing tantra and yoga since the age of 19 and teaches Tantra and Yoga for 18 years. He enjoys the tantric perspective on life and loves to share his experiences and knowledge with his students.

He teaches Tantra and Yoga at NATHA in Copenhagen and he is part of the coordinating team of the Tantra and Yoga teacher’s training courses of Atman Federation.


Minodora has been a practitioner of Yoga and Tantra for more than 15 years. She has a diverse professional background, having worked in graphic design, customer relations, and even as a dancer!

She keeps Tantra for Women groups to help women awaken the feminine creative power, and teaches Yoga & Tantra at NATHA, both in Aarhus and Copenhagen.


Arthur Lederer is a Life coach and business consultant, former military officer, teacher of Tantra, meditation and Yoga with 16 years of experience. Arthur believes that the purpose of life is to continuously improve ourselves and to grow as human beings, and that everything that happens to us is both an opportunity for growth, and a beneficial challenge to overcome.


Elodia originally hails from Australia. In 2002 she left its sunny shores to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Little did she know it would be the beginning of an amazing spiritual journey and life on the tantric path.

Elodia studied dramatic arts and is passionate about all things theatrical. She also has a degree in journalism and a deep love for the written and spoken word. Elodia graduated has been teaching at NATHA for the past fifteen years. 


Thomas is a yoga and tantra teacher based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has been studying, practicing and teaching the yogic philosophy for more than a decade.

Today Thomas makes a living out of teaching and lifestyle coaching.


With a huge love for India and oriental spirituality since childhood, Angela studied Indology (Sanskrit and ancient classical India) as well as South Asian studies (Hindi and modern India) in university. She also went on to study foot reflexology and Ayurvedic massage therapy. But her love for Tantra prevailed and eventually led her to learn tantra massage and, soon after, founded the Tantra Temple in 2006.

She is also passionate about theatre, and played in a performance that won the National Danish award for being the best performance of the year in 2018. 


Emanuel has kept a persistent and disciplined practice for more than 25 years. Emanuel has been teaching Yoga, Tantra and Meditation since 1995, in both Scandinavia and India. The tantric practice, the union of feminine and masculine, energy and consciousness is the foundation of Emanuel’s work, with an equal love for both science and spirituality.


Adriana is a Yoga & Tantra for Women teacher who 14 years ago when her wild spirit fell in love with the Tantric teachings — it was a meeting of destiny, a perfect match between an untethered soul and a powerfully transformative spiritual path.

At the heart of Adriana’s teachings is the art of Esoteric Tantra Yoga — a dance between the energy, consciousness, and the Self. With a gentle yet empowering approach, she invites practitioners to explore the depths of their being and ascend to the heights of their potential.


Richard studied nanotechnology and agronomy at the University of Copenhagen, wrote a master thesis about medicinal plants in Brazil, and received leadership training in the army as sergeant. As a teacher, Richard has taught in almost all the institutional levels in Denmark from army to university, primary school to academy level.

He has a scientific and methodical approach to the spiritual practice which has led to wonderful results such as total mental silence, states of ecstasy, and erotic bliss.


Fanny is a Tantra for Women teacher, woman group facilitator, and a bio-medical engineer. She has been practicing yoga, tantra and meditation since 2014. She is passionate about modern science and ancient tantric wisdom. She aspires to empower all women to live their divine femininity and heal humanity through the tantric wisdom, the power of love and consciousness.


Erotina has been an enthusiastic practitioner of yoga and tantra since 2011, has been teaching yoga classes and workshops since 2013 and is currently in the Atman Federation’s Tantra Teacher Training Course. She has a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Health and is a happy practitioner of various cleansing techniques and natural diets.


Jon is a Yoga teacher with more than 10 years of practice in traditional yoga and meditation, and our Tantra Festival host for two year in a row both in Copenhagen and Aarhus. He comes from Iceland, where nature taught him that silence and introspection are essential for the evolution of the human spirit.

He is the manager of a retreat center and supported the growth of a beautiful spiritual community of yoga practitioners. He is also an artist, passionate about music and improvisation acting, bringing joy and humor into every activity and project he is part of.


Marilena has been practicing Tantra-Yoga for 14 years and teaching the Intensive Tantra course for 7 years. 

The Tantric teachings and practices were, and continue to be, pillars around which her life experiences become coherent, meaningful and useful. It was a natural step to begin to share these precious gems with others, and her wish to help others by sharing this knowledge is what inspires each step forward on this path.


As soon as she moved to New York City for university in 2006, Carly jumped into yoga in order to maintain her physical flexibility after a childhood of dancing which started at the ripe age of five. Building a successful career as an Art Director, yoga became an essential practice for her in order to reduce stress in a fast-paced life.

Carly studied Tantra and yoga in Thailand for two years until moving to Denmark in 2017 to continue her studies there and train to be a yoga teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any sexual activities in the festival?

No. Some workshops will invite you to awaken an elevated, erotic inner state, and give you the possibility to explore your erotic nature, which in some cases could involve sensual moves and gentle touch. More intimate contact is considered homework. We aim to create a heartful, loving ambience, and encourage a very respectful and empathic form of interaction between all participants

Will there be nudity in the festival?

There is no activity in the program of the festival that requires nudity of the participants. It is possible that there will be displays of nudity in the festival in some presentations, performances and erotic art

Will I be obliged to do something I don’t feel comfortable with?

All the program is optional, and you are always welcome to step out of an exercise if you feel uncomfortable. We aim to create a safe and harmonious space, and it is always up to you how much you want to engage in an exercise

Do I have to come as a couple?

No. The festival is designed to be for both singles and couples. For a part of the workshops you need to come with a partner, which can also be a good friend with whom you feel open, or somebody from the festival that you feel comfortable with. The level of intimacy can always be adjusted to what feels right in your pair, and there will always be a parallel program open for all that doesn’t require having a partner.

Will there be photos taken at the festival?

There will be photos and videos taken by Tantra Festival’s photographers for promotional purposes, except in workshops which are more intimate. It is possible to request not to appear in pictures. To create a safer and more intimate space, participants are also not allowed to film and take pictures in the festival

Do I have to reserve a place for some parts of the program?

For the program in the 3 main halls, in which the lectures and workshops will take place, reservation is not needed. Some activities in the Tantric Lounge such as individual conscious touch sessions will require booking in the festival due to the space limitation.

Can I buy food at the festival?

Delicious vegan lunch and dinner (95 kr/meal) will be served at the festival for those booking in advance. Please book your meals here: https://natha.dk/event/tantra-festival-copenhagen-2024-food-tickets/ by 5 February
For those booking their festival ticket after this date, there will be a limited number of extra meals available for buying in the festival at 110 kr/meal.

Can I sleep over at the festival?

No, it is unfortunately not possible to sleep over at the festival location

Are alcohol, smoking and drugs allowed?

No. The festival is entirely alcohol and drug free, and smoking is not allowed in the festival area

How are the parking facilities around the location?

Parking is possible on the nearby side-streets to Nordre Fasanvej. Please be aware that different rules apply to each zone and make sure to check the rules applying to the parking spot you find.
The festival is very easy to reach with public transport (Metro, S-train and busses to Nørrebro Station), so it might be easier to reach us that way

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring your beautiful heart and soul, an open and curious mind, and your vivid presence. That is all! <3

Can I cancel my participation if something comes up?

Yes. If canceling by 31/1 2024 we will reimburse your payment minus 25% administrative fee. If canceling after 31/1 2024 payments will not be reimbursed. You cancel by sending us an email on natha@natha.dk.
You are allowed to give or sell your ticket to another person. In this case please also send us an email and let us know the name of the person.



The numbers below include tickets for this event already in your cart. Clicking "Get Tickets" will allow you to edit any existing attendee information as well as change ticket quantities.
Tantra Festival Aarhus 2024 - Weekend Ticket - Single - Super Early Bird
Full weekend ticket for 1 person
700 kr.
Tantra Festival Aarhus 2024 - Weekend Ticket - Double - Super Early Bird
Full weekend tickets for 2 people
1.100 kr.
Tantra Festival Aarhus 2024 - Saturday Ticket - Single - Super Early Bird
Saturday ticket for 1 person
400 kr.
Tantra Festival Aarhus 2024 - Sunday Ticket - Single - Super Early Bird
Sunday ticket for 1 person
400 kr.