Tantric Date

An Exploration of Love, Intimacy, & Attraction in Couple Relationships

Tantric Date is a special 1-day online event made for couples & interested singles who want to learn how to deepen love, intimacy, and attraction in couple relationships using Tantric knowledge & methods.

This event is a perfect introduction to Tantric couple relationships in which you learn how to:

  • Increase intimacy & connection over time by keeping the fire & intensity alive
  • Grow a conscious couple relationship in which love constantly grows, and each individual evolves faster than they could alone
  • Experience TRUE LOVE beyond sexual attraction (which also sparks fire in the relationship & completely changes intimacy in the bedroom)
  • Connect to the soul of your lover, and experience each other in a deeper way than ever before

The event will be held online & enjoyed from the comfort of your own home – all participants will receive instructions on how to prepare a space in their homes for this special event.

Tantric Date is best experienced by couples or pairs of opposite gender (one male & one female).

Singles may participate with a friend of the opposite gender – you do not necessarily have to be in a romantic or intimate relationship to participate together. You can learn & experience masculine/feminine dynamics together, as long as you are both open and interested.

This event is specially designed for

Newer couples who want to connect on a deeper level & learn how to increase intimacy in life and in the bedroom

More experienced couples who want to experience higher levels of love, joy, intimacy, and growth in their couple relationship

Singles (in pairs of colleagues or friends) who want to learn about the Tantric view on relationships & prepare for their next couple relationship!

The Fundamental Law of Polarity

Practical Tantric Insights on Masculine / Feminine Relationships & The Secret of Everlasting Attraction

Advaitananda and Adina Stoian – Tantric practitioners with a scientific background, who have built their continuously growing relationship for 20+ years – will present from a practical perspective:

  • How to embrace differences and make them work for your relationship – why complementarity is relational equality, and how by understanding our complementary values, we easily eliminate arguments/friction before they appear in the relationship and instead makes it generate increasing amounts of love, attraction, and intimacy
  • How to increase in intensity, love, intimacy, & attraction in a romantic couple – practical advice for everyday life & relationships!
  • How to build a fulfilling, long-lasting, continuously-evolving couple relationship – based on insights revealed by the Law of Polarity when applied in our daily life
  • Aspects of the masculine (+, yang, solar, male) – including what it means to be a straight, centered and conscious man
  • Aspects of the feminine (-, yin, lunar, female) – including what it means to a be fully open, awakened, radiant woman

Power Polarity Yoga

Power Polarity Yoga is a unique form of Tantric Hatha Yoga which deepens understanding & intimacy, brings harmony and positive energy to relationships, and allows partners to share & assimilate the best mental/emotional/spiritual qualities with one another.

Power Polarity Yoga involves a series of asanas (postures) which combines the masculine & feminine energies within each partner.

This results in an energetic exchange which is

1. Unique to the two partners – who each have specific energetic structure, and a unique energetic combination between the pair

2. Greater than the sum of its parts – due to the synergistic effect of masculine & feminine energies

Power Polarity Yoga can be practiced by both lovers and friends, as long as they are open and comfortable with each other. 

Power Polarity Yoga helps to:

  • Increase the power of attraction & energy in the relationship for couples, boosting attraction in romantic relationship and beneficial intensity in the relationship – sparking a “fire” in the relationship
  • Reduce misunderstandings, conflicts, and tensions in the relationship – due to the energetic, mental, and emotional exchange that occurs through the practice
  • Find deeper understanding between the partners – helping to transcend the ego & understand the deepest needs of the others
  • Allow the two beings to share their best qualities with each other – for example, if you are more creative and your partner relies more on mental power – you will be able to share your creativity, and assimilate the mental power from your partner (and vice-versa)
  • Create understanding & share on all levels of existence – including material, social, intimate, creative, mental and emotional levels
  • Boost team-building, bonding, and relationships  between partners, friends & colleagues
  • Spend quality time together in a way that helps both individuals evolve faster than they could alone!

The Art of Conscious Touch

Conscious touch is far beyond what most people experience as everyday “touch”.

It is deeper than the feeling of the skin – it is something that can be felt directly by the heart & soul of the other.

It brings joy, happiness, and feelings of pure love. It deepens understanding & intimacy, opens the heart, induces profound relaxation, and is the foundation of Tantric massage.

By the end of this workshop, you will learn how to touch with so much love, care, and affection that makes others feel pure joy and happiness in a way they’ve never experienced before.

The effects of Conscious Touch include:

    • Elimination of agitating thoughts & emotions, stress, and anxiety – through conscious, loving touch which calms the mind & senses, and centers one into the present moment
    • Silencing the “monkey mind” and speaking directly to the heart – allowing you to communicate through touch things that words could never say
    • A unique & profound energetic exchange between two beings – which opens up a universe of subtle nuances, intimacy, and communication through touch
    • Increased intimacy at the level of the heart – sometimes experienced as being able to truly feel the other person, even “merging” all the way to the depths of the soul

You will learn:

  • The state of “triple awareness” required for conscious touch – awareness upon oneself, upon the other, and upon the connection between the two
  • Different types of touch – including their nuances, effects, and feelings 
  • How to receive touch – to remain open and aware, totally relaxed, centered in the present moment, without thinking
  • How to give touch – how to stay fully centered & conscious in the present moment,  and use intuition & empathy to perceive the needs and inner state of the other
  • How to expand awareness of the touch – which is felt deeper then the physical body (all the way to the heart & soul)

(Hint: all these are transferable to better, deeper, more intimate and ecstatic lovemaking in the bedroom…

So if you were ever interested in “Tantric lovemaking” – this is where it all begins!)

    About the Teachers


    Advaitananda is a scientist with a speciality in nuclear physics and he is best known for his pioneering views on bridging modern science with esoteric technology. His philosophy in life is to live fully and consciously, using the principle of continuous and conscious transformation as the engine of evolution.

    Advaitananda is also coordinator of the Atman International Teacher Training Programs in Yoga, Tantra and Meditation which has seen hundreds of teachers graduate and start courses to share spiritual knowledge.

    Adina Stoian

    Adina is a tantra and yoga teacher with vast experience in working with spiritual knowledge through courses, seminars and workshops all over the world.

    Together with her beloved husband, Advaitananda, and under the guidance of her spiritual guide Grieg (who is famous for his modern approach to the ancient yoga and tantra teachings), she has devoted her life to promote the tantric wisdom.

    Adina is a passionate practitioner of spirituality with 30 years of devotion to transformation and women’s growth.


    Petri has always been curious about life and the principles behind seemingly obvious events.

    After spending a year in the army, he took a 5 year education in theatre and has been involved in around 100 theatre & performance projects in the last 9 years.

    Petri is a Tantra teacher at NATHA, and also a Tantra masseur & Tantra Massage Education coordinator for 7 years.


    With a huge love for India and oriental spirituality since childhood, Angela studied Indology (Sanskrit and ancient classical India) as well as South Asian studies (Hindi and modern India) in university.

    She also went on to study foot reflexology and Ayurvedic massage therapy. But her love for Tantra prevailed and eventually led her to learn tantra massage and, soon after, founded the Tantra Temple in 2006.

    She is also passionate about theatre, and played in a performance that won the National Danish award for being the best performance of the year in 2018.

    Her love and experience with theatre can be felt in the playfulness and creativity she manifests when she teaches classes and creates and conducts workshops.


    Thomas is a yoga and tantra teacher based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has been studying, practicing and teaching the yogic philosophy for more than a decade.

    Today Thomas makes a living out of teaching and lifestyle coaching.


    Louise has been teaching Hatha Yoga, meditation and yoga nidra since 2010.

    She is a certified yoga instructor through the Atman Federation, and teaches yoga full time both in corporations, and at Natha where she teaches the Esoteric Hatha Yoga and Esoteric Tantra Yoga course.

    “Meditation for revelation of the Self, and mastering and cultivating the erotic aspects of my private life, touch my soul the deepest and offer me the highest peaks of consciousness, soul peace, peaks of ecstasy, joy and bliss in life.”

    Full Program

    Sunday 28 February

    Morning: The Power of Polarity

    9.30-11.20 – Power Polarity Yoga – Thomas & Louise

    11.30-13.00 – The Fundamental Law of Polarity – Advaitananda & Adina

    Lunch Break: 13.00-14.30

    Afternoon: Conscious Touch

    14.30-16.00 – Conscious Touch Theory – Angela & Petri

    16.00-18.00 – Conscious Touch Practice – Angela & Petri


    Practical Details

    Tantric Date will be held ONLINE on Zoom on Sunday 28 February.

    You will receive the link and practical information shortly after signing up.

    Please come to the Power Polarity Yoga on an empty stomach, or eat only a very light breakfast – the yoga practice is best done on an empty stomach!