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Our gift to you, in celebration of International Yoga Day. Only 49 available - get yours today!

To celebrate International Yoga Day...

We're giving away FREE 1-month Yoga passes

Why? Simply because for many of us here, Yoga has been the greatest gift of our lives.

49 passes are available, from until International Yoga Day (21 June).

The pass is valid for 1 month of the upcoming Esoteric Integral Yoga course, opening on 19 September.

All you have to do is fill out the form below. We'll send the pass to your email as soon as possible - while supplies last!

Gratitude Videos

Testimonials from our students, team, and teachers. New videos posted every 1-2 days!

"Yoga honestly saved my life"

Architect & Event Planner. Year 12 Yoga

"It really helped me in my creative process"

Graphic Designer. Year 7 Yoga

"It's helped me to learn quicker & grow faster"

Coordinator of Paradise Retreat Center. Year 7 Yoga

"It's helped me to manage my moods better"

Entrepreneur. Year 19 Yoga

"It's like a toolkit for me to become Superwoman!"

Tantric Massage Therapist. Year 5 Yoga

"My son is willing to share more with me these days"

Deliveryman. Year 2 Yoga

"I can feel my mental capacity strengthen"

Graphic Designer. Year 1 Yoga

"Helps me make choices in my life more clearly"

Paradise Retreat Center Staff. Year 6 Yoga

"I would feel good for several days"

Craftsman. Year 13 Yoga

"It gave me a true purpose in life"

Paradise Retreat Center Staff. Year 5 Yoga

"It’s a direct path to discover all the treasures within me"

Project Manager. Year 5 Yoga

"Helps me do more, and come back into balance"

Creative Director. Year 13 Yoga
About Esoteric Integral Yoga @ NATHA

Yoga Beyond The Physical Body

Esoteric Integral Yoga is much more than simple physical training.

The tools and techniques in the Esoteric Integral Yoga course help us to better understand ourselves, develop total self-mastery, and achieve our highest goals & aspirations.

Through Yoga, we learn to cultivate and master our “inner resources” – such as energy, mental focus, and creativity – so we can transform ourselves & our lives in whatever direction we choose.

The Esoteric Integral Yoga course takes a scientific approach to yoga & transformation.

The course references research & studies from the fields of biology, anatomy, psychology, neuroscience, and physics (mechanics, electro-magnetics, quantum physics).

You do not need to “believe” in anything – we invite you to simply be open and see for yourself through direct experience.

Our teachers will guide you to correctly perform each technique, so you can see the effects for yourself!


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Get your FREE 1-Month Yoga Pass

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You can also consider the Unlimited Pass which also gives you access to the Tantra, Meditation, and Tantra for Women courses!