Shiva Retreat

10-19 July 2023
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Shiva: The Perfect Embodiment of God’s Consciousness

The great Shiva is the model expression of embodying the Consciousness of GOD in daily activities, without any limitations, without beginning or end.

In this state of perfect openness to manifest God’s Consciousness, the great god Shiva is the perfect model for all those who sincerely aspire to unite all opposites and achieve a state of perfect dynamic balance in the middle of all life’s activities.

Shiva’s cosmic dance is the source of inspiration
and support for the ones who are ready to step without hesitation or delay on the path of transformation and evolution.

By the astonishing and unquenched thirst with which Shiva is absorbing and manifesting the Supreme Consciousness of God, He becomes the ideal that awakens and inspires the sleeping hearts – making accesible to each of their levels a glimpse into the Absolute.

The Master of All Yogis & Tantrics

Due to His unhesitant and total openness towards the Supreme Consciousness of God, Shiva is always able to transcend everything while manifesting a perfect control.

Thus Shiva is the inspiring Master of all yogis and tantrics – both those who want to withdraw from the world, as well as those who aspire to walk the paths of the world as their spiritual path.

Shiva’s perfect openness towards God’s Consciousness allows Him to manifest accordingly, in various situations of life, as a specific hypostasis, offering exactly what is needed from the Supreme Consciousness there and then.

His glorious model of spiritual success becomes easily accesible to every sincere and courageous practitioner who is truly embracing transformation without reserves. Shiva is the one exemplifying the way one can step beyond the limitations and helps destroying the blockages on the path.

It can be said that the light of awareness in itself is the only characteristic of Shiva – all the other characteristics He appears to have being only specific manifestations needed that He inspire for the open Heart.

This extraordinary and exemplary expression of the pure light of Consciousness itself makes Shiva the Great Master of all those who aspire to awaken their consciousness, who aspire to eliminate the veils of illusions with the help of the clarifying light of Consciousness.

The Pure Light of Consciousness

Various spiritual traditions, from different ages of humanity, agreed on the fact that the straight path of evolution and transformation is the awakening of the Consciousness.

After the light of awareness is strong enough, it can be easily turned towards oneself and become the self-awareness that reveal the godly nature within.

Shiva’s inspiration and Grace help us to take this direct path of awakening and represents the guiding “star” on this path to spiritual liberation.

It can be said that the light of awareness in itself is the only characteristic of Shiva – all the other characteristics He appears to have being only specific manifestations needed that He inspires for the open Heart.

Hypostases & Godly Attributes

Each of Shiva’s hypostases, famous in certain parts of the world, represent exemplary ways to integrate and manifest one or more of the Godly Attributes according to the specific needs in every moment & situation.

Shiva’s perfect openness towards God’s Consciousness allows Him to manifest accordingly, in various situations of life, as a specific hypostasis, offering exactly what is needed from the Supreme Consciousness there and then.

Due to the exemplary abandonment in front of God’s will and the insatiable openness towards the light of Consciousness, Shiva exemplifies for the devoted aspirant the way to integrate the Godly Attributes in daily life.

The Great Spiritual Hero

The esoteric tradition of Tantra reveals Shiva as the “Great Spiritual Hero”, MAHAVIRA.

When called upon with devotion and openness Shiva is the one that inspires and supports us to surpass our limitations and defeat all the inner resistance on the path to evolution and transformation, becoming an embodiment of the Godly Heroism.

When we aspire for transformations, when we feel the need of a direct impulse in the awakening process, Shiva is the one to call upon, and through His being these impulses come from God to us.

The inspiration to become able to cut the knots of our attachements (the chains of our previous actions), the heroic attitude to transcend the familar environment we have created for ourselves – they all come into our being when we connect, full of devotion and aspiration, with the gigantic sphere of power and consciousness of Shiva.

The Good & The Kind

In Sanskrit Shiva means “the good and kind”, “the auspicious one”, and also “the one who is full of grace”.

This is the characteristic of the light of awareness that always dispells with unparalelled efficiency the sufferance of unconsciosuness and ignorance.

Having Shiva as a godly model, inspiration and support, the heroic aspirant is ready to step on the path of effective and unhesitant transformation.

When we open towards transformation without reserves, Shiva reveals Himself to be our good and helpful companion that is always there when we need, but never doing our homework for us.

An Intensive Spiritual Program

This camp is addressed to all those who feel the aspiration to give a boost to their spiritual transformation process – all those who are ready for a heroic approach to evolution and ready to step out of the “comfort zone”. Shiva is the one that we can meet just outside of the “comfort zone” and can show us how to turn the lights of awareness ON so that we can begin our journey of transformation and evolution.

Join us for a 10-day intensive guided spiritual practice for the awakening of the light of consciousness through deepening the communion with Shiva. The program is designed to help all participants, (irrespective to their level of spiritual experience) deepen their communion with Shiva and enjoy the effects that always appear afterwards.

 The program of this exceptional event includes:

Special Secret Initiation

During the retreat, you will have the extraordinary chance to receive a secret initiation into the spiritual communion with the mysterious Heartbeats of Shiva.

Hypostases of Shiva

Nilakantha – Shiva in His Hypostasis of Perfect Alchemist, who absorbs into His gigantic being, to sublimate for good, the terrible poison of the sins of the world

Kankala – Shiva in His Hypostasis that makes possible the fast transcendence of worldly temptations

Matangari – Shiva in His Hypostasis of triumph over hostile, malefic forces

Vrishabharudha – Shiva in His Hypostasis as the Lord of Dharma

Ardhanarishvara – Shiva in His Hypostasis of Godly, perfect androgyne


Sessions of guided practice


Inspiring lectures that reveal the ways we can relate to the ineffable reality of Shiva


Spiritual exemplifications for direct communion with Shiva, in some of His hypostases

Miss Shakti

The traditional manifestation of sublime
femininity – an excellent and polarizing expression to Shiva

Lingam Pooja

A ritualistic integration of the communion with the most powerful symbolic representation of Shiva

Ritual of Communion with Shiva

Ritual of complete and profound communion with Shiva

An extraordinary opportunity for transformation

This retreat is designed for all the students of the ATMAN Federation with a sincere and intense aspiration for:

  • Transforming rapidly through the employment of the Law of Occult Multiplication: an immense and uplifting spiritual field is generated by the unison participation of all dedicated aspirants. This is greatly enhanced by the spiritual support of our Spiritual Guide, throuout the retreat and with the help of all spiritual exemplifications that are offered.
  • Learning initiate keys to deepen the spiritual practice: the presentations of all esoteric keys that helps the aspirant to increase the communion with Shiva’s sphere of Consciousness even through simple gestures, in the daily life, makes is possible to bring more effectiveness in the personal practice.
  • Learning to deepen the communion with Shiva through various specific hypostases: through the keys provided in the inspiring lectures as well as by the spiritual exemplifications, every participant can learn to enter and remain in deep communion with Shiva, in the specific hypostasis that is needed at that moment.

The extraordinary MISS SHAKTI event

In this palpable magical ambience of intense light of consciousness we will enjoy three evenings of celebration of the Eternal Feminine, MAHA SHAKTI.

Artistic shows, spiritual trials, inspiring games, sublime humor and tests of esoteric knowledge will become the frame of manifestation of all women who choose to embark on this journey. And the audience will have the possibility to savour together with them the transformation process that appears, under the strong lights of the stage… and of the Consciousness!

More information will soon follow. We can only assure you that your aspirations will be met with enchanting surprises.

Oh Shiva – when You vibrate generating mysterious echoes in time and space, You thus unfold the entire world.

When You become aware of Your essence, at the same time You also become aware of the mysterious essence of the universe.

And when You stumble on your feet, beatifically drunk with your own sublime nectar, all the spheres of existences are wonderfully sparkling.


About the Venue

The retreat will take place in the lush Danish countryside of Stevns, in Paradise Retreat Center.

Paradise Retreat Center is situated around 60 km south of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The address is Spjellerupvej 41, 4640 Faxe. You can come by car or public transportation to Karise St. from where you will be picked up (you will receive detailed travel information in the welcome letter).

In order to keep the experience positive and rejuvenating for all our guests, the whole retreat center is kept smoke, drug, coffee and alcohol free.

Paradise Retreat center serves delicious and nutritious vegan/vegetarian food made with love by yogis dedicated to supporting your retreat.

For more information about Paradise Retreat Center:

Accommodation Options


In the heart of Paradise Retreat Center is accommodation in simple and cozy dormitories hosting 14-30 people each.

Excellent for group work and togetherness, the  dormitories are the perfect opportunity to jump into an uplifting and heartful experience.

Each bunk comes with curtains for privacy, shared bathrooms and shower, easy access to the dining hall where tea and refreshments are always available.

Comes with: Bunk bed with mattress, beddings and a towel. Wifi access. Shared bathrooms

The price for staying in the dormitory is included in your retreat ticket.


Our beautiful garden becomes an amazing campground during summer time. Bring your own or use one of ours (each of our tents hosts 2 people in separate sleeping compartments).

Our garden can accommodate up to 20 tents. Electricity outlet and outdoor showers are available as well as the indoor bathroom facilities.

Comes with: Mattress, beddings and towel. Shared bathrooms. Free Wifi. Electricity outlets. Outdoor shower facility

The price for staying in the campgrounds (in a Paradise tent or your own) is included in your retreat ticket.

Paradise Tent spaces are limited. We recommend to book a spot early if you wish to stay in one of our tents!

Private Rooms at Asgaard Hus

A new addition near Paradise is the newly opened Asgaard Bed & Breakfast. A welcoming, charming farmhouse with 7 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and big garden is available for anyone who prefers to stay in private rooms, while we run the retreat in Paradise.

Available rooms:

1 Classic Single Room (for 1 person)

3 Classic Double Rooms (for 2 people – has a 140 cm bed – ideal for couples who want to share the same bed)

3 Superior Double Rooms (for 2 people – has a 180 cm bed which can be split in 2 single beds – ideal for couples who want a big bed, or friends who want to sleep in separate beds)

For more information about Asgaard Hus, you can visit their website at

Practical Info


10-19 July 2023


10 July 12.00-15.00


19 July 16.00




Spjellerupvej 41, 4640 Faxe

Refund Policy

For cancellations 30 or more days before the retreat (until 10 June 2023):

You will receive your money back minus a 20% administration fee. The refund will be issued to your original payment method.


For cancellations less than 30 days before the retreat:

If you miss the retreat due to unforeseen illness or medical emergency – you will receive a credit for 100% of the amount paid, which can be used towards future NATHA retreats or events.

Documentation must be provided to be eligible to receive this credit.

No credit or refund will be issued for cancellations due to any other reason. We highly encourage you to purchase your ticket only when you are fully committed to participating in the retreat.

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  • Participation in the retreat for 1 person
  • Food & Accommodation for 1 (choice of dormitory, Paradise tent, or camping in your own tent)
  • Access to hot tubs, summer bar, Paradise garden, and bikes



  • Participation in the retreat for 2 people
  • Food & Accommodation for 2 (choice of dormitory, Paradise tent, or camping in your own tent)
  • Access to hot tubs, summer bar, Paradise garden, and bikes

Group Discount

Group discount available when you sign up with a group of 5+ participants – send an email to for more information and to sign up!