New classes & free intro workshops
open now!


New classes & free intro workshops
open now!

Year 1 Meditation

Mondays 17.00 - 19.00 with Adi Copenhagen ENG
Wednesdays 17.00 - 19.00 with Ulrik Aarhus DAN

Year 1 Meditation is open for enrollment until January 2024

Upcoming Meditation Intro Workshops

Copenhagen: 28 November 17:00-19:00

All intro workshops are FREE & include a special offer:

Get a discount on your first 1 or 3 months if you sign up at reception, on the same evening after attending the intro workshop!

*This offer is for new, first-time students only - not already enrolled in any of our other courses!

Discover Your Inner Treasures

Each of us contains inside our being a huge potential, in a dormant state, inviting us to discover it. The main goal in meditation and any other authentic spiritual practice is to gradually cease the mental agitation and discover that which lies beyond it – the Ultimate Truth, the Absolute Consciousness, the Uncreated Light, God, the Supreme Self.

It is like removing the clouds that cover the sun – so under its brilliant influence, all our inner treasures also start to sprout and blossom.

What we find by practicing meditation can be hard to imagine from the beginning. We start for a certain reason, such as searching answers to some questions, wanting to improve something in our life, curiosity etc. With practice, we obtain these and even much more.

Benefits of Meditation


Clarity & Efficiency in Action

Meditation develops the ability to choose and stick to one path of action with increased awareness and focus, thus becoming much more efficient in your study, work and any other action.

Learn to manifest creative intentions and remove “self-sabotage” – contradictory thoughts, emotions, and tendencies that pull you in different directions. Become friends with time.


Happiness & Well-Being

Meditation helps us profoundly relax, relieve stress and worries, and regenerate. This frees an increased amount of energy, and even influences our health in a beneficial way.

Through meditation we can discover our inner source of profound peace, happiness, euphoric contentment, freedom and expansion, and access it independently of outer circumstances.


Presence & Emotional Intimacy

Meditation helps us to live a much more conscious life, truly living in the present moment and in the heart, being connected with the universal source of love and unity.

Being centered and deeply in touch with ourselves makes us able to connect to others from the heart and create much more harmonious, loving and intimate relationships with others.

Spiritual Transformation & Self-Discovery

Meditation allows us to discover our inner potentials and gain self-knowledge, and gradually reveal our innermost essence, our Supreme Immortal Self, Atman.

We gradually discover the answers to existential questions, and directly experience the hidden aspects of reality for ourselves.

Mental Agitation: the real enemy & biggest challenge

At the root of our separation from our true inner nature, and of most problems we encounter in our lives, is mental agitation.

Patanjali’s famous statement “Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind”, indicates the essential role of controlling the mind’s tendency to move chaotically.

The lifestyle of modern people is characterized by a high level of inner and outer agitation. Most of us have become so used to daily agitation, that we consider it a basic part of life!


We are bombarded with stimuli and information, at a much faster pace than our capacity to process them. Moments of inner peace, prolonged inner silence and profound contemplation are more and more rare.

This overexcitement and over-use of our mind cause us to have a very limited control over our attention, and make our reactions and emotional life to be formed mainly by conditionings and behavioral patterns, leaving us very few real choices, limiting our life and letting our inner autopilot in charge.

Amongst the results of mental agitation we find:

  • Stress, anxiety, tiredness, health issues and eating disorders
  • Incapacity to focus and concentrate, decreased learning skills, ADHD
  • Lack of efficiency, scatteredness, hesitation, mental fatigue
  • Emotional issues, relationship and family problems
  • Depression, inner emptiness and feeling of meaninglessness
  • Absence of healthy ideals, virtues and values. Lack of compass in life
  • Feeling of being disconnected from ourselves and others

Practicing meditation gives us back our life and puts us once again in the driver’s seat. Even a few moments of silence causes our whole mode of functioning to change, reflected noticeably in our brain waves.

Important Notions About Meditation

Meditation – the most advanced stage in Yoga

Contrary to popular belief – which considers meditation something anybody can do, that just consists of sitting down and closing our eyes for a few minutes and following the guidance in some headphones – practicing meditation for real is considered the highest form of practice and most advanced stage in ancient authentic spiritual lineages.

Being the most advanced form of practice, it needs to be approached in a systematic and step-by-step manner, and it needs solid preparation.

In the Yoga Sutras Patanjali outlined 2000 years ago the royal 8-step pathway to meditation. He revealed that in order to truly meditate, we must first prepare ourselves – by improving & harmonizing our character, purifying & strengthening our body, gaining control over our energies, and finally purifying & disciplining our mind.

For this, improving our inner attitudes, hatha yoga postures, pranayama techniques and concentration exercises are necessary steps on the path leading to the practice of actual meditation.

Practice makes the master

Our results in the meditation practice will be proportional to our daily practice at home.

Once a week we come together in the class to be guided, learn new steps and address occurring issues in our practice, and practice together.

At the end of each class a new ‘homework’ will be given to apply the new teachings and help us transform in a systematic manner.

The daily individual practice typically consists of:

  • Specific hatha yoga exercises (asanas and pranayama)
  • Concentration and meditation exercises
  • Observing certain attitudes during the day, such as moral virtues and impulses of awareness

Learn the very ‘mechanisms’ of meditation

In this course we explore how meditation actually works. Meditation appears to most people as a subjective experience, yet in reality it follows very precise, objective ‘laws’.

Rather than aiming to practice a specific form of meditation, our focus is on exploring the very nature of consciousness and the road map of meditation, so that the skills we obtain can be applied in any form of meditation.

Some of the skills we learn include:

  • how to focus the attention at will in any moment
  • focusing and remain in a state of inner silence and serenity continuously for longer periods of time
  • surpassing the tricks of the mind, such as distractions and sleepiness
  • accessing higher levels of consciousness such as intuition and even to attain the state of samadhi

Class Structure

Meditation classes are 2 hours – including 80 minutes of practice & 40 minutes of theory.

There are 46-48 classes in a year – 1 per week. Classes start in September, pause in August, and resume again in September each year.

New students must start in Year 1. Skipping years is not allowed, because the later years build upon the foundations set in earlier years.

Weekly Practice

Each class includes a practice session of approx. 80 minutes and consists of 3 phases:

1. Initial awareness & warming-up exercises

The practice begins with an initial phase of awareness and warming up, which activates the beneficial subtle energies (both psychic and mental) that exist within your being.

2. YOGA techniques selected for facilitating meditation

Practice can include asanas, pranayama, and other techniques taught in the course.

It always ends with the complete yogic relaxation to create an ideal state for meditation.

3. Mental training exercises & meditation

Various exercises will be given to help students discover & develop the mechanisms of the mind and consciousness.

A profound & in-depth curriculum, suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners

Each class includes around 40 minutes of theory, with a curriculum designed give students a deep understanding & preparation for success in meditation.

Those who already have meditation experience will discover that they are finally able to pass beyond the obstacles and blockages they naturally encounter and which keep them stuck at a certain level.


The course curriculum includes:

Introduction to Meditation

  • Goals in meditation and the path to happiness
  • What happens with all our mental capacity?
  • Mapping the human energetic system, subtle anatomy and the force centers (chakras)

Mechanisms of the mind

  • Manas, the “monkey mind” and how to control it
  • The reflexive capacity of the mind
  • The mysterious and fundamental process of occult resonance
  • Exercises for mental training & the importance of mental training

The levels of the mind and consciousness

  • The brain and brain waves
    Manas, the mind and its importance given in the modern civilization. The “mental hygiene” concept
  • Vijnanamayakosha, the supramental structure. The principle of perceptive presence in the present moment, Vipassana meditation, building a state of witness
  • Anandamaya kosha, the body of beatitude. Prayer, happiness

The 8 stages of YOGA of PATANJALI

  • Yama & Niyama – moral and ethical guidelines providing the state of inner harmony and harmonious relations with the surroundings
  • Asana, the discipline of resonances – selected hatha yoga postures
  • Pranayama, control of energy flow – the full yogic breath & pranayama exercises
  • Pratyahara, the practice of withdrawal – exercises to create pratyahara, mauna
  • Dharana, mental concentration – exercises for mental concentration, principle of repetition, advices for the advanced training of mental concentration
  • Dhyana, meditation – awakening the third eye, 3 steps of dhyana & exercises for meditation
  • Samadhi, state of super consciousness

Advanced steps in meditation

  • Obstacles in meditation and their solutions
  • Meditation and the spiritual heart. Training of the spiritual heart
  • Secrets of Long Meditation. The principle of Rhythm
  • Secrets of Attention

Revelation of the Supreme Immortal Self ATMAN

  • 7 step method for the revelation of the Supreme Immortal Self ATMAN, gradually studied and practiced over a period of 3-4 months

As a student, you’ll also get

Community Membership & Student Discounts

You’ll be considered an active student and receive discounts on all upcoming workshops, events, and retreats.

You’ll also be invited to student-only workshops & community events (like our Special Summer Program and Christmas Party)!

1-on-1 Meetings With Your Teacher(s)

You can ask them anything – about the class, how to use the techniques & methods in your daily life, or even advice for specific life situations.

As a student, you can ask any one of them for a 1-on-1 meeting – they’ll be happy to speak with you!

Access to Saturday Hatha Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga classes are held every week on Saturdays. They are a great way to get some extra practice and to start the weekend in a great way!

These classes are open to students of all levels and include an optional meditation practice at the end of each class.

Meet the Teachers



Adi started practicing yoga almost 30 years ago. Quickly, his curiosity grew, discovering through yoga and meditation practice that the world is much vaster and more complex than the physical universe, and exploring it can lead us to discover who we actually truly are.

Now he passionately shares with others his  discoveries. Much of the time you would see him enthusiastically practicing Karma Yoga (Yoga of Action) for the benefit of the school, aiming to awaken in himself and his fellow brothers the state of Vira (spiritual hero).



Ulrik Adinatha Lyshøj has been dedicated to a spiritual life since 2000. He is educated as teacher of yoga, tantra and meditation certified by the Atman International Federation of Yoga and Meditation.

In his daily life, he teaches Tantra Yoga, Meditation and Tantra Massage. He has huge experience in guiding people to silence their mind and listen to the voice of their heart, in this way slowing down the stressful life while speeding up personal and spiritual development.

With his knowledge, human insight, love, understanding and humor he gives practical guidance and provides common sense solutions to the challenges of living a spiritual life in the modern world.

Course Schedule & Special Offer

Year 1 Meditation

Mondays 17.00 - 19.00 with Adi Copenhagen ENG
Wednesdays 17.00 - 19.00 with Ulrik Aarhus DAN

Year 1 Meditation is open for enrollment until January 2024

Upcoming Meditation Intro Workshops

Copenhagen: 28 November 17:00-19:00

All intro workshops are FREE & include a special offer:

Get a discount on your first 1 or 3 months if you sign up at reception, on the same evening after attending the intro workshop!

*This offer is for new, first-time students only - not already enrolled in any of our other courses!

Meditation Combo Offer

If you enroll in Meditation and either Yoga or Tantra, you will receive a 10% discount on both courses.

If you would like to receive this discount, please email us at or come ask our receptionists during opening hours. They will be happy to sign you up for this offer!

Please note that this offer cannot be combined with any other offers.

Ready to give it a try?



449 KR

  • Access to Year 1 Meditation
  • Access to Saturday Hatha Yoga classes
  • Student discounts on all workshops & events
  • Access to student-only workshops & events


425 KR

  • Access to Year 1 Meditation
  • Access to Saturday Hatha Yoga classes
  • Student discounts on all workshops & events
  • Access to student-only workshops & events


405 KR

  • Access to Year 1 Meditation
  • Access to Saturday Hatha Yoga classes
  • Student discounts on all workshops & events
  • Access to student-only workshops & events



  • Access to the next intro workshop
  • Learn about the course, meet the teacher(s) & try the practice
  • Special Offer: get a discount on your first 1-3 months if you sign up at reception after attending the intro workshop!

None of our centers nearby?

No worries, we have the perfect alternative!

Our international federation offers the same course online, for everyone who cannot reach our local centers.

You find there also free webinars, online retreats, a worldwide community and much more.

Read more about the online course:

Pssst: With the coupon code NATHADK you will receive 10% off for your first year of study!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start in Year 2 or higher if I have previous experience with meditation?
No – all students must start in Year 1 because there is a specific foundation formed in the first year of this course, which is not available anywhere else.

Even if you have experience with meditation we highly recommend keeping an open attitude towards learning everything from the beginning and remind you of the ancient proverb that “realizing that you don’t know anything is the first step towards real knowledge”.

We are confident that you will soon discover that there are many valuable things in the course which could be a revelation even if you have practiced meditation for many years!

How long is this course open?

The Year 1 Meditation course is open until January in Copenhagen, and until February in Aarhus (since the course in Aarhus started later).

Those who are interested in joining the courses afterwards will then have to wait until the next Year 1 courses are open in September.