New classes & free intro workshops
open now!


New classes & free intro workshops
open now!

Year 1 Tantra

Wednesdays 17.00 - 19.30 with Selena & Sahaj Copenhagen DAN
Thursdays 19.15 - 21.45 with Nicol & Catalin Copenhagen ENG
Tuesdays 17.00 - 19.30 with Ulrik & Ananda Aarhus DAN

Year 1 Tantra is open for enrollment until March 2024

Upcoming Tantra Intro Workshops

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Live fully & consciously – with a Heart full of Love

Tantra is a spiritual path of discovering ourselves, our essential nature and the fundamental mysteries of the universe. Every aspect of life is lived fully and with increased awareness – as passionate as a lover, as truth-seeking and objective as a scientist, as playful and pure as a child, as courageous as a hero and as sacred as a genuine mystic.

In contrast to most other spiritual paths, which consider ‘worldly life’ (work, relationships, and sensual desires) as an obstacle for the devoted seeker – Tantra embraces all inner and outer experiences as means of expansion of our consciousness.

Tantra is known as as a path of living detached yet fully engaged with the world, and is suited for those who wish to use every life situation as an opportunity for growth.

The tantric practitioner seeks to meet all life’s experiences with an open heart and in full awareness, and works to overcome all inner blockages and limitations.

Awareness, Enjoyment & Detachment

Tantra is an ancient spiritual way of living – a system of personal & spiritual development in which all our energies and desires are transformed and directed towards our highest spiritual aspirations.

It is a path of realizing the Truth by learning from all life experiences. It does not deny any aspect of life, but instead finds the spiritual lessons & meaning in everything.

The path of Tantra leads us to embrace all of life in deep openness and awareness. To always stay in the ‘here and now’, no matter what is happening and how it is happening.

It is an active admiration of life and nature, where no aspect is ignored: inner or outer, up or down, joy or sorrow, laughter or cry, distance or intimacy, trust or doubt, shadow or light, energy or consciousness.

It is a path in which we aim to be fully conscious in the middle of even the most intense states and life experiences. Whether we face happiness, harmony, and intense pleasure, or frustration, distress, and sadness – Tantra teaches us to fully enjoy every experience, completely aware & detached.

Tantra is not a philosophy, but a way of living that encompasses everything. The way we walk, the way we talk, the way we eat, the way we breathe, the way we sleep, the way we react and the way we love and make love.

Through the path of Tantra, we realize that everything is connected. And that we are connected to everything.

Love & Eroticism in Couple Relationships

Tantra gives practical methods to make LOVE the driving force of a swift and profound transformation of the human being.

Practiced within a couple relationship, Tantra is a kind of couple meditation which springs from the merging between the feminine and masculine aspects.

Tantra is not a limited set of techniques, but a lifestyle of love; a prayer; a relaxation into the heart, reaching so deep that you and your lover merge no longer only as bodies – but as the fundamental masculine and feminine forces of the Universe.

It is an invitation to discover the sacred dimension of intimate fusion in which the body, soul, and consciousness vibrate together.

It is a path that requires total commitment. It is the art of experiencing intensely every moment of life, living every moment as if it were our last.

This course will clarify the difference between sex and pure eroticism, and how genuine Tantrics approach relationships & lovemaking.

It includes practical methods to use the creative sexual potential for higher purposes – to improve focus & performance at work, to increase relaxation & happiness in everyday life, and even to reach the highest spiritual states & realizations.

Consciousness & Inner Alchemy

The Tantric path is one in which we gradually evolve and gain control over all forces in life by expanding the “control factor”: consciousness.

With perseverant practice, we become able to transform and use everything in life – thoughts, emotions, experiences and situations – as elevating forces that drive spiritual evolution.

We discover of our innate gifts & talents, and learn to cultivate them until they blossom to their highest potential.

We develop the capacity to become aware of inferior states, to detach from them and replace them with superior states.

We learn how to extract the lessons behind every life experience, no matter how difficult or challenging – and realize that the most challenging situations, are the ones where we can grow the most.

In this way, we gradually become genuine masters of ourselves , our lives, and and our inner universe.

A Path of Freedom  

Tantra is a path that recognizes that evolution is based on Universal Laws  & Principles – both in spiritual practice & in daily life.

Because of this, it is a path that gives freedom of choice. Tantra only reveals the mechanisms of evolution, based on Universal Laws & Principles – allowing practitioners to choose how they walk the path.

In other words, it only reveals the consequences of our actions – giving each of us the knowledge & understanding to consciously choose how we act.

Ecstasy & Continuous Transformation

Tantra teaches the keys to living life consciously and ecstatically:

To stay calm, lucid, and centered in the eye of the storm, even when life is raging all around you. To say YES to every lesson and every situation, joy, and challenge that life brings.

To embrace it all, and to experience it again and again, fresh and new in every moment. To learn from everything, and to continuously transform until we fulfill our highest spiritual potential.

Tantra is a path of endless learning, depth, and intensity – and always reveals much more than it first seems. Once you have experienced depth, it will take you even deeper. Once you have experienced intensity, it will only get even more intense.

It is much more than incense and acrobatic kama sutra positions. It is more than looking deeply into each other’s eyes. It is even more than making love with increased intimacy and heart connection. It is more than some simple stretching exercises, rituals or meditation techniques. It is even more than learning how to access the immense power of the erotic energy and achieve multiple ecstatic orgasms.

The Tantric path always brings more and more profound realizations, and allows you to experience directly the nature of consciousness – your essence beyond mind and personality, the core of your own immaculate Heart… The immense dimensions of your true Self.

“Nobody can achieve perfection using boring and difficult practices. Perfection can easily be achieved through complete controlled and aware satisfaction of the desires.”

Kularnava Tantra

The course curriculum includes…

Tantra Yoga

  •  Yogic Tools & Methods for Inner Transformation – Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Creative Visualization, Yoga Nidra (conscious sleep) and more
  •  Chakra Sadhana – asanas, techniques & meditations for purifying & activating the highest qualities of each of the chakras
  •  Koshas – you will study and eventually perceive the subtle anatomy of the human being, including the energetic and mental layers (where thoughts & emotions manifest)
  •  Tantric Inner Alchemy – including the well-known (but little understood) transmutation & sublimation of sexual energy, and how to direct it towards higher purposes

Tantric Couple Relationships

  • Spiritual Couple Relationships – lessons for men and women, and what it means to spiritualize a relationship and turn it into “a happiness factory”

  • Conscious Touch & Tantra Massage – how to use the power of consciousness to turn touch into an ecstatic experience

  • The Power of Orgasm – how to separate orgasm from ejaculation, and how to experience multiple orgasms (both men & women)

  • Power Polarity Yoga – yoga done in a couple for amplified effects by means of the Law of Polarity

  • Lovemaking Postures – each with specific effects & with the purpose of reaching high states of consciousness in lovemaking

Secret Tantric Initiations

  • Laya Yoga – one of the most powerful forms of meditation, including initiation into a secret mantra
  • Maha Vidya Yoga – The 10 Great Cosmic Powers & their role and power in daily life
  • Tantric Magic & Rituals – transformation through the use of universal principles
  • Universal Principles for Accelerated Transformation – such as the principle of spontaneity, principle of acting without hesitation, principle of perceptive presence in the present moment, principle of accumulating energy, principle of action and reaction, the occult principle of rhythm and repetition

Curriculum Overview: Year-By-Year

Year 1
Foundational teachings - Resonance, Polarity, Chakras
Year 2
'Third Eye' & 'Crown', Tantric Alchemy, Pranayama & more
Year 3+
Tantric Eroticism, Couple Relationships, Rituals & more


Module 1: Core teaching & basic tantric principles

  • Mapping the human energetic system, subtle anatomy and energy work
  • Power of polarity, Shiva/Shakti, understanding femininity and masculinity
  • The law of attraction based on resonance and other Tantric principles

Module 2: Vital life force & the root chakra

  • Asanas, techniques & meditations for awakening Muladhara chakra
  • Importance of vitality, grounding, stability, latent potential
  • Kundalini Shakti
  • Predominant level of consciousness, inner attitudes & limitations

Module 3: Eros & the sacral chakra

  • Asanas, techniques & meditations for awakening Svadhisthana chakra
  • Importance of erotic continence, creativity, imagination, intense pleasure
  • Tantric eroticism, multiorgasmic man/woman, transmutation & sublimation

Module 4: Self-development & the navel chakra

  • Asanas, techniques & meditations for awakening Manipura chakra
  • Importance of inner alchemy, sublime fire, self-confidence, conscious effort
  • Tantric morality, Yama/Niyamas, principle of ego, healthy lifestyle & diet

Module 5: Heart based living, emotional balance & the heart chakra

  • Asanas, techniques & meditations for awakening Anahata chakra
  • Importance of active love, empathy, acceptance, humbleness, generosity
  • Living from the heart on the spiritual path

Module 6: Intuition, memory, higher perceptions & the throat chakra

  • Asanas, techniques & meditations for awakening Vishuddha chakra
  • Importance of the sense of mystery, intuitive intelligence, spiritual art, inspiration
  • Esoteric elements about vibrations, subtle sound – mantras, Akasha Tattva, Laya Yoga



Module 7: Mental power, meditation & the third eye

  • Asanas, techniques & meditations for awakening Ajna chakra
  • Importance of attention, mental control, discernment, visualization
  • Mechanisms of the mind, karma & mechanisms of meditation

Module 8: Transpersonal Psychology & the Crown Chakra Sahasrara

  • Asanas, techniques & meditations for awakening Sahasrara Padma & reveal the Supreme Self
  • Importance of aspiration, prayer, transcendence, awareness in tantra
  • The soul and the Supreme Self, enlightenment, cosmic consciousness
Advanced Modules

  • Tantric Alchemy & Inner Transformation
  • Prana & pranayama. Controlling the mind and the sexual energy using the breath
  • Transfiguration – learn to see the essence beyond the appearance
  • Mahavidya Yoga & the principle of Shakti (feminine power) in Tantra
  • Kali, the Great Macrocosmic Power of Time, Intensity and Transformation
  • Yoga Nidra, the conscious yogic ‘sleep’



  • Tantric Eroticism
  • Power Polarity Yoga – yoga postures practiced in couples
  • Secrets of the Tantric Couple Relationship
  • Tara, The Great Macrocosmic Power of Guidance, Grace & Compassion
  • Consciousness & Energy – Tantric Magic & Rituals
  • Conscious touch and Tantric massage
  • Specific lessons for men and women in couple relationships
  • What it means to spiritualize a relationship to create a harmonious and happy couple
  • Step-by-step revelation of the ten Mahavidyas
  • Astrology
  • Hypostases of Shiva
  • Exploration of the Fundamental Needs at the root of all desires
  • Looking deeper into how the mind and consciousness functions, ensuring a profound self-awareness and success in meditation
  • Study of Tantric principles for conscious living and working with energies, including: Principle of spontaneity, Principle of acting without hesitation, Principle of perceptive presence in the present moment, Principle of accumulating energy, Principle of action and reaction, the occult Principle of rhythm and repetition
  • And much more!

This course is for you if…

You are interested in consciously transforming your life

You might be facing a challenge, or simply aspire for something in your life or in yourself to be improved. Transformation is at the very heart of tantra. You will learn tools & methods that can transform every area of your life with proper & perseverent practice.

Tantra starts from where you are. You only need the courage and the inner honesty to admit your current situation, and the readiness to transform it. The insights and methods in the tantra course prove to be life-changing for those who apply them.

You wish to live your fullest potential

Tantra celebrates life, and encourages us to discover and fully explore all our potentials on our way to discovering our innermost essence. It is for those who feel that there must be more to life, and dares to go for it.

It is for you who want to experience all the joys and profundities of life, ask existential questions, live with the heart wide open, say YES to life, be ecstatically happy, embrace life fully with all its ups and downs, challenges and opportunities, and in the end also embrace that which is beyond all of these experiences.

You aspire for a more fulfilling couple relationship & love life

Tantra is for those who wish to learn to create profound intimacy, cultivate relationships based on heartfelt connection, master their erotic energy and awaken their orgasmic potential.

It is a path for those who wish to discover the spiritual element of their love relationship and amorous life, and consciously explore it. It is for those who dare to be ecstatic, and relate to life as a celebration of love.

You want to live a spiritual life while still living fully in the world

Tantra helps you to find spiritual meaning & lessons in every aspect of life, so that life itself becomes your greatest teacher. It teaches you to see the sacredness in ordinary situations, so that every moment becomes a rich source of insights, meaning and profound happiness.

Tantra is the path of unity, revealing how the inner and the outer reality mirror each other, and embracing all aspects in the heart. It is a path of direct spiritual experience, inviting you to explore for yourself the mysteries of your inner world and of the Universe itself. It is an invitation to awaken now, and to live life in full awareness, to enjoy its amazing intensity, and to experience ecstatic happiness and freedom in the midst of daily life.

Transform every area of life


Physical & Emotional Health

  • Better emotional awareness & control
  • Increased relaxation and regeneration in daily life
  • Effective stress management and emotional balance
  • Better awareness & control of your energy levels – you will learn Tantric methods & principles for staying sharp, vital, and energetic throughout the day!

Willpower & Mental Control

  • Increased capacity & usage of mental/creative potential, and an increased ability to access superior levels of the mind
  • Igniting your inner fire & passion for life
  • Increased willpower, discipline and self-control – the ability to cut bad habits & follow through on conscious decisions
  • Learn how to be efficient & relaxed in action, how to be productive without rushing or getting stressed

    Relationships & Love Life

    • Enrich your love life and gain a deeper understanding of intimacy & sexuality
    • Awaken your erotic potential and discover the secrets of the tantric orgasm
    • For men: develop more masculine stamina and stand-up power
    • For women: unlock your feminine charm, beauty, and awaken your inner Goddess

      Spiritual Growth & Fulfillment

      • Constantly growing self-awareness – including awareness upon your unique qualities, gifts, talents, and challenges
      • Discovering & cultivating your ability to transform in whatever direction you consciously choose
      • Discovering a deeper feeling of purpose and belonging in your life
      • Spiritualize every aspect of life – see the divine in everything

        Class Structure

        In the first year, classes are 2.5 hours consisting of 90 minutes of practice, and 60 minutes of theory.

        There are 46-48 classes in a year – 1 per week. Classes pause in August and resume in September each year.

        New students must start in Year 1. Skipping years is not allowed, because the later years build upon the foundations set in earlier years.


        Each class includes a practice session of approx. 90 minutes and consists of 3 phases:

        1. Initial awareness & warming-up exercises

        The practice begins with an initial phase of awareness and warming up – to stretch the muscles, increase flexibility, and gently prepare the body to perform the various postures of ASANAS successfully.

        2. The main YOGA techniques.

        Practice can include asanas, pranayama, meditation, and other techniques taught in the course.

        3. The complete yogic relaxation

        The complete yogic relaxation is an active, conscious relaxation of the entire being. It crystallizes the results of the practice, creating long-lasting effects we can perceive even in daily life.


        Theory (approx. 60 minutes) will be presented on various subjects such as:

        • The game of polarity (between masculine & feminine aspects) & mechanisms of attraction
        • Subtle force centers (chakras) and energetic pathways of the human body (nadis/meridians) which affect human psychology & behavior
        • Tantric tools & techniques – such as asanas, pranayama, and meditation, and visualization – and their effects on your inner states & daily life

        Each class also includes

        book icon

        Weekly Course Materials

        The course materials include descriptions of the techniques you will learn, and the effects of these techniques on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

        Due to the depth of the courses, the course materials often contain more information than is possible to discuss in the class – so we highly recommend you study and keep them!

        hand leaf icon

        Personal Guidance

        You will be guided by experienced teachers who check and correct your postures & technique in the practice.

        Each class also includes time for questions & answers and group discussions. And you can also schedule 1-on-1 meetings with your teacher(s) for more personal advice on specific issues or life situations!

        As a student, you’ll also get

        Community Membership & Student Discounts

        You’ll be considered an active student and receive discounts on all upcoming workshops, events, and retreats.

        You’ll also be invited to student-only workshops & community events (like our Special Summer Program and Christmas Party)!

        1-on-1 Meetings With Your Teacher(s)

        You can ask them anything – about the class, how to use the techniques & methods in your daily life, or even advice for specific life situations.

        As a student, you can ask any one of them for a 1-on-1 meeting – they’ll be happy to speak with you!

        Access to Saturday Hatha Yoga Classes

        Hatha Yoga classes are held every week on Saturdays. They are a great way to get some extra practice and to start the weekend in a great way!

        These classes are open to students of all levels and include an optional meditation practice at the end of each class.

        Meet the Teachers


        As a certified Tantra teacher, Nicol has 8 years of experience teaching in both Copenhagen & Sweden.

        Nicol also has 15 years of experience as a tantra masseuse at the Tantra Temple in Copenhagen, where she is also a teacher and developer of the Tantra Massage Education.

        Beyond this, Nicol is also a certified gestalt therapist and a former professional ballet dancer. She is uniquely gifted in combining tantric knowledge with dance - using her feminine creativity and sensuality to create deeply spiritual dance performances.

        With a big love for transformation through elevated & effervescent eroticism, Nicol gracefully guides men, women and couples to develop deep, loving and spiritual connections with inspiration from above.


        Catalin has been practicing tantra and yoga since the age of 19 and teaches Tantra and Yoga for 18 years. He enjoys the tantric perspective on life and loves to share his experiences and knowledge with his students.

        He teaches Tantra and Yoga at NATHA Yogacenter in Copenhagen and he is part of the coordinating team of the Tantra and Yoga teacher’s training courses of Atman Federation.

        Catalin also has a master’s degree in physics and taught as a high school teacher.


        Having a deep love for Life as a school, Selena is fascinated about our immense inborn capacity for transformation. She has been studying and practicing yoga and tantra for more than 20 years, and has found at NATHA the most comprehensive and fulfilling approach to living life as a continuous and fascinating journey of learning and evolving as a human being and as a soul.

        Selena has studied various topics such as social anthropology, astrology and healing massage. She has been running a vegetarian & vegan restaurant and catering company for 15 years as well as cooking for retreats and events at NATHA, and has a deep interest in natural health and wellbeing.

        As a teacher, she is appreciated for her heartful engagement and enthusiasm.


        Sahajananda has been researching in the field of esoteric knowledge and the ancient spiritual traditions of the planet since the age of 21. He has combined his informative research work with an in-depth practice of yogic and tantric methodologies and powerful tantric forms of meditation.

        As a certified AIFYM teacher he teaches courses and workshops in Tantra, Yoga and Meditation at NATHA Yogacenter in Copenhagen and Stockholm, as well as at various festivals around Europe. He has a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature & Art Studies at Copenhagen University and a minor degree in Indology.


        Daniela Ananda has been practicing Tantra and Yoga for almost 3 decades. She is also an inspiring Yoga teacher with over 10 years of experience. She is educated as a nurse, studies Ayurveda, Esoteric Astrology and Taoism, which fits her motto: “The best teacher is the one who is the best student and never stops learning.”

        Ananda sees NATHA as a lighthouse for souls who aspire to understand themselves on a deeper level and to receive the perfect tools to operate optimally as human beings. Her biggest happiness is helping others to experience the same reality that she achieved through perseverant practice.


        Ulrik Adinatha Lyshøj has been dedicated to a Tantric life since 2000. He is educated as a Yoga and Tantra teacher certified by the Atman International Federation of Yoga and Meditation. He is co-founder of the Tantra Temple and author of the book “Let’s Talk Tantra”.

        In his daily life, he is teaching Tantra Yoga and Tantra Massage. He has a huge experience in working with people and combining bodywork with therapy and coaching in order to speed up personal and spiritual development.

        With his knowledge, human insight, love, understanding and humor he gives practical tantric guidance and provides common sense solutions to the challenges of love life and relationships.

        Course Schedule & Special Offer

        Year 1 Tantra

        Wednesdays 17.00 - 19.30 with Selena & Sahaj Copenhagen DAN
        Thursdays 19.15 - 21.45 with Nicol & Catalin Copenhagen ENG
        Tuesdays 17.00 - 19.30 with Ulrik & Ananda Aarhus DAN

        Year 1 Tantra is open for enrollment until March 2024

        Upcoming Tantra Intro Workshops

        No upcoming intro workshops - you can request a trial class using the button below!


        If you join both Yoga & Tantra, you will receive a 50% discount on the Tantra course.

        This offer is valid for the first 18 months of the Tantra course curriculum.

        This is because the first 18 months of each course covers similar foundational topics (chakras, asanas, pranayama, etc).

        After 18 months the course curriculums cover very different topics, so each course must be paid for individually.

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        None of our centers nearby?

        No worries, we have the perfect alternative!

        Our international federation offers the same course online, for everyone who cannot reach our local centers.

        You find there also free webinars, online retreats, a worldwide community and much more.

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