About US

We are a spiritual school & community of seekers, practitioners, and aspirants who have come together from all different walks of life, from all over the planet, to fulfill our common goals & aspirations:


  • To learn more about ourselves & the universe
  • To discover true meaning and purpose to life & realize our highest potential
  • To live life to the fullest and make the world a better place

We believe genuine spiritual knowledge – which was once kept secret by ancient lineages, reserved only for monks and ascetics – can change lives, and should be available for all who seek spiritual transformation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make genuine spiritual knowledge & training available for all those who aspire for long-term spiritual development & transformation.

In a world full of mass-marketed yoga classes and guided meditation apps – it’s not so easy to find genuine spirituality today.

The keys that make Yoga, Tantra, and Meditation truly effective & transformative spiritual systems have been lost or shut out for the sake of “better marketing”.

And much of what is called “yoga”, “tantra”, and “meditation” has been modified & sold to be “more appealing” to modern consumers – at the expense of their true efficiency.

So we exist to spread genuine spiritual teachings (that have been proven by thousands of practitioners all over the world) to create positive, long-lasting transformation on all levels – not just physical, but also mental, emotional, spiritual.

And we aim to provide spiritual education & training suitable for modern people, without hiding or compromising on true spiritual values.


Many describe our courses, workshops, and retreats as teaching “everything they should teach in school, but don’t” – for example, how & why we humans think and behave the way we do, the mechanisms of thoughts and emotions, and the laws of the universe we live in.

And by giving aspirants the tools & teachings they need to transform, live life to the fullest and fulfill their inborn human potential – we hope to support the evolution of all humanity, starting at the level of each human being.

What makes us different?

1. Our courses are thorough, intensive, and designed for long-term development & results

In terms of spiritual education, we offer the most in-depth and comprehensive courses on Yoga, Tantra, and Meditation courses in Denmark.

The courses follow a university-like curriculum – designed for progressive learning & training for deeper understanding, proper practice, and long-term results.

In addition, each course includes 4-20 pages of text material are provided with each course – allowing students to review and deepen their understanding on the topics of each class

Unlike what many of today’s guided meditation apps & yoga classes would have you believe – the courses are not a “magic pill” solution or “instant fix” in which you simply follow along and get “instant life-changing results”.

Instead, we give you theory and practice that have been validated by thousands of practitioners all over the world to generate systematic results, with proper practice and perseverance.

Long-term transformation occurs when we continue to practice and apply what we learn to experience all the effects and benefits in daily life.

And this is our true aim – not a “once a week high” from coming to class, but permanent, lasting changes which transform our lives for the better.

2. “Learn by doing” approach

Our system is based on spiritual guidance, and teachings are a synthesis of the most effective techniques from authentic lineages – but we don’t ask you to blindly believe that.

We only ask you to be open and try, because everything can be validated by direct experience.

So we invite you to experience everything directly and be the judge for whether each technique & method really works or not.

Like physics classes in university, we present knowledge and give you the opportunity to experiment, experience, and verify everything through direct experience and experimentation.

This is why the practical component is such a big component of the classes – it is through the practice that we experience and realize the theory which is being taught.

This is possible because the teachings are based on universal laws & principles which can be observed, experienced, and govern all of reality.

Universal Laws such as the Law of Resonance and Law of Polarity are explained thoroughly, then given methods and techniques through which one can experience directly, and use them in a beneficial way in daily life.

“A gram of practice is worth a ton of theory” – so come practice with us and experience it for yourself!

3. Teachers are real practitioners who have gone through rigorous training and examination

Teaching at Natha is not about simply presenting information & guiding practice – it is about embodying and being living examples of everything that we teach.

Our teachers have all been trained and certified by the Atman Federation, whose Teacher Training programs are some of the most comprehensive in the world.

We believe that teaching is about first being a living example – to be transformed through the practice and teachings – and this is not something that happens in just a few weeks.

This is why teachers at Natha are required to have at least 2 years of experience before even beginning the Teacher Training.

So with few exceptions, all teachers have all been genuine practitioners for at least 4 years, have been through rigorous training and examinations for at least 2 years, before they are allowed to teach.

This ensures that our teachers are experienced guides & facilitators of transformation, who are truly prepared to transmit the immense knowledge & techniques which they have successfully used and practiced themselves.

By the time they graduate, they are thoroughly trained and examined to ensure they’re not just knowledgeable, but practice what they will teach.

So at Natha, you can expect that teachers are not just regurgitating information and presenting simple movements for students to follow along.

They aim to be role models who practice what they teach.

Yet at the same time, teachers are also students, continuously developing and learning and on their own journey of transformation.

We understand we are not perfect but we are striving just like everyone.

And we hope you will walk with us and experience the immense transformative power of these teachings for yourself.

Our Community

Many say that one of their favorite things about Natha is the community – how they’ve found deeper and more meaningful connections than most people are used to, yet deep down have been searching for all their lives.

The community is unique in that we are open and accepting, and helping each other grow by giving honest and open feedback.

And we are constantly astonished by the rapid transformations of our students, community members, and participants:

Many come to our courses, workshops, and retreats not knowing what to expect. And in as little as a few days or hours, they come out feeling completely transformed – with new perspectives, opened hearts, and deeper connections than they’ve ever experienced before.


We are run mostly by volunteers who strive to practice daily the state of Karma Yoga – to work for a higher purpose, full of love and enthusiasm, with full awareness in every action, and with detachment from their results.

This is one way in which we practice the first of our core values – to live fully, full of heart, and make Love the driving force of everything we do.

Practice Groups: Spiritual Brotherhoods & Sisterhoods

Within our community are practice groups – such as the Mahavira and Urdhvareta groups for men, and Shakti groups for women – for those who wish for deeper connections, and extracurricular training to support the growth they’ve begun in class.

Retreats, Workshops, and Community Events

We aim to make all our events positive, uplifting, and friendly – and to provide positive challenges for participants, so that we all transform and grow in the process.

Through this balance of fun, love, and the right amount of challenge – we grow and transform together as a spiritual family and community!

About Gregorian Bivolaru

Grieg (born Gregorian Bivolaru, 1952) is a spiritual teacher originating from Romania.

Even since childhood, Gregorian Bivolaru’s life was marked by the ­exceptional and the mysterious, and since a young age he received the ”call of ­cosmic consciousness” and began ­insatiably studying spirituality and practicing yoga and meditation.

In the aftermath of the Romanian political revolution in 1989 he founded a large and influential spiritual movement (M.I.S.A) based on an ingenious spiritual teaching system, which today is taught in more than thirty countries around the globe.

For hundreds of thousands of people who have discovered ­spirituality and enriched their lives by following his teachings and advice, he is an utterly exceptional being, a genuine living ­tantric master, who has deeply and ­radically transformed their life in a positive way.

About Advaitananda Stoian

Advaita is the senior coordinating teacher in Copenhagen and Stockholm. Advaita Stoian is a researcher, physicist, scientist, and pioneer in combining modern science with esoteric techniques for mastering and untapping the full potential of the brain and consciousness. His lectures and workshops include a wide variety of topics, ranging from tantric eroticism and spiritualizing relationship over frontier science and quantum physics to addressing sociological issues and spiritual human rights. Advaita is a direct student of Grieg.

About Adina Stoian

Adina Stoian is a tantra teacher, life and femininity coach, continuously ­inspiring women to discover their blissful nature. She keep courses, lectures and ­workshops world-wide on topics such as the ­tantric female orgasm, the effect of ­hormones upon our love relationships, and ­awakening and healing our femininity.