New class in Copenhagen – online participation available!


New class in Copenhagen – online participation available!


Year 1 Kashmir Shaivism

Tuesdays (bi-weekly, even weeks) 16.15 - 19.15 with Vajrananda Copenhagen & Online ENG

Enrollment is open until 9 January 2024

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Discover the purest and highest form of tantrism

The Kashmir Shaivism tradition is considered one of the most transcendental forms of yoga, as well as the purest and highest form of tantrism, and certainly one of the greatest spiritual treasures of humankind, which offers an extraordinarily direct, effective path towards God.

Although the profound understanding and the proper practical use of the fundamental principles and methods specific to Kashmir Shaivism usually imply a high level of consciousness development, all such principles and initiatory aspects are described in a fully accessible manner in this course.

An Extraordinary & Direct Path by the Grace of Shiva


The Sanskrit term Shiva means “The Always Benevolent One” and designates God’s hypostasis as Supreme Saviour (Redeemer) and Supreme Spiritual Guide for all creatures.

This is why, essentially speaking, any transcending process and any expression of liberating Divine Grace is always linked in a way or another to Shiva, no matter the spiritual path we might follow.

This profoundly esoteric and particularly complex tradition (but which is also perfectly suitable to present day man) offers fast ways towards genuine spirituality and towards the highest divine accomplishments.

A Profound & In-Depth Curriculum

This course will gradually reveal fundamental aspects of this unique spiritual tradition, and includes (among many other topics) the following:

  • the Essential paths to spiritual liberation: the path of the Limited Being – Anavopaya; the path of the Deifying Energy – Shaktopaya; the path of Shiva – Shambavopaya; the Supreme Path (or the Path without steps) – Anupaya
  • The mysteries of the 36 essential aspects of manifestation (tattvas)
  • The mysteries of the phonemic divine energies (of the creative divine Logos)
  • Esoteric methods to profoundly, intensely activate the subtle centres of force (Chakras) and of all their “petals” (specific vibratory directions)
  • Initiatory and practical study of certain fundamental treatises of the Kashmir Shaivism: Shiva Sutra, Spanda Karika, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra etc.
  • Full revelation, from an efficient, practical perspective, of the 112 major direct methods of enlightenment contained in the esoteric treatise Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, which confer the revelation of the Immortal Supreme Self (Atman) and ecstatic, full union with God.

Secret Esoteric Initiations

Special initiations will be given (some as a result of passing the yearly written exams), such as:

  • Special initiation in the Sri Vidya esotericism; the mantras of the 15 nityas of the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Sundari
  • Initiations in certain divinities’ esotericism and mantras: Garuda, Skanda-Karttikeya, Hanuman etc.
  • Kshurika mantra – a mantra (specific to Shaivism tradition) for opening brahmarandhra, which offer the ability to instantly transcend the limited individual condition, as well as to practice the secret method of the “transfer of consciousness” (known as Phowa in Tibetan tradition)
  • The secret esoteric method to realize erotic tantric procedure, maithuna
  • The secret spiritual methods comprised in the famous work Sundaryalahari
  • The secret mantra of complete transcending of all limitations inherent to the common human condition, as well as of the individual karma stock
  • The spiritual traditional ceremony of Shiva adoration
  • Secret mantras for awakening and activation in our being of the 3 essential hypostases of the formidable power of the Shiva lingam

Course Structure

Each class is 3 hours – around 2 hours of theory, and around 40-60 minutes of meditations/spiritual exemplifications related to the theory.

The course is structured to gradually build the capacity to meet everyday life in a transfigurative way, through transcendence of the ego.

The class is held once every 2 weeks (please see the schedule below for more details). Classes pause in August and resume in September each year.

New students must start in Year 1. Skipping years is not allowed, because the later years build upon the foundations set in earlier years.

As a student, you’ll also get

Community Membership & Student Discounts

You’ll be considered an active student and receive discounts on all upcoming workshops, events, and retreats.

You’ll also be invited to student-only workshops & community events (like our Special Summer Program and Christmas Party)!

1-on-1 Meetings With Your Teacher(s)

You can ask them anything – about the class, how to use the techniques & methods in your daily life, or even advice for specific life situations.

As a student, you can ask any one of them for a 1-on-1 meeting – they’ll be happy to speak with you!

Access to Saturday Hatha Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga classes are held every week on Saturdays. They are a great way to get some extra practice and to start the weekend in a great way!

These classes are open to students of all levels and include an optional meditation practice at the end of each class.

Meet the Teacher


Vajrananda has been a student in NATHA from its beginning in 1991 and has taught yoga for more than 25 years.

From the very beginning his main interest was the Self Inquiry taught by the sage Ramana Maharishi from India, whose ashram he has visited 3 times in longer periods.

Vajrananda is an educated actor and has performed at The Royal Theater and several other theaters. He writes poetry and theater plays, is educated in the Yoga of Beauty, and in art from the perspective of Indian Aesthetics (The 9 Rasas).

His favorite teaching is Kashmir Shaivism, and he has been travelling in Kashmir to discover schools and descendants from the illustrious Abhinavagupta and the period when Kashmir Shaivism was at its peak.

Course Schedule

Year 1 Kashmir Shaivism

Tuesdays (bi-weekly, even weeks) 16.15 - 19.15 with Vajrananda Copenhagen & Online ENG

Enrollment is open until 9 January 2024

Upcoming Kashmir Shaivism Intro Workshops

No upcoming intro workshops - you can request a trial class using the button below!

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